Urban Ladder


Did you know that Urban Ladder is the leading store for online furniture, décor, and interior designs in India? If you are in need of the best furniture and décor for your homes, companies, organizations, and much more, Urban Ladder is the store for such services. Whenever you search for furniture stores online in India, it's certain that Urban Ladder would always make the top list.

Urban Ladder was established in 2012 by Ashish Goel and Rajiv Srivatsa. It has over 5,000 designs across many categories such as bedroom, study, living, and dining décor which also makes it stand out among other online furniture stores.

What We Love About The Urban Ladder Store

Quality of Goods

An assuring thing about Urban Ladder is that their furniture is of high quality and is very reliable. An amazing thing about the store is that most of their furniture is even the same with respect to quality and is mostly better than the products of their competitors. Shopping with Urban Ladder alleviates your worries because they are known for quality products.

Large Variety to Choose From

Urban Ladder offers a very large variety of home décor and interior designs. The store has a different combination of aesthetics, prices, and functionalities. The furniture range from modern to traditional, little to big details, small to spacious sizes and different shades of color to suit your taste.

Honesty, Transparency, and Efficiency

With the way Urban Ladder does their business and relate with their customers, it is clearly evident that they are honest and ethical. When they make mistakes, they are honest in owning up to them and making amends. So far, the store has built a sustainable business and try as much as possible to solve their customers' problems in relation to decorating their spaces.

Return Policy/ Warranty On Their Website

At Urban Ladder, returns, cancellations, and refunds are taken up individually. Also, the warranty differs from product to product and the only way to know the warranty given to a product is to check the warranty tab on that particular product page.

Here Is What We Love From Urban Ladder Which Is Available On Amazon India

CubiCubi: This is a computer/study desk that is usually used at home and in offices.  CubiCubi computer desk delivers a peaceful experience to you either at home or in the office.  It has a solid structure and a lovely appearance. It has a 2-year warranty.

Go Pet Club: This is a 62-inched cat tree and the original price is 5,973 rupees which have been slashed to 4,688 rupees. It is a tree designed for your treasured cat's recreation or rest. It is made with quality boards which makes it very durable.


(1) What is the estimated delivery time?

Response: The delivery time depends on the city where the product is to be delivered. However, estimated delivery time is sent out in the order confirmation mail once an order is made.

(2) Do I have to pay delivery or installation charges?

Response: No, you don't as long as you are in one of the cities they deliver to. The delivery and installation fees are on the store.