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About Tjori

Tjori Online Shopping In India
When shopping, variety is what most customers look forward to because variety   makes shopping interesting and easy. Well, this is what you get when you shop at Tjori online store.
Tjori online store is a multi purpose store which is into the business of selling a wide range of products such as Footwear, apparels, home decor, bags, wellness products, and a whole lot of items and accessories you can think of.
Tjori is a marketplace which offers you a lot of quality products. Their organization is so passionate and energetic because they work tirelessly just to make your vision a reality. Their collection of products goes beyond India, as they have spread beyond the shores of India. 
What We Love About Tjori Store

Affordability & Durability  – Normally, one might think that the quality of Tjori’s products will make their prices high but that isn’t so. Their products are quite affordable and durable. As a company, they place more emphasis on the satisfaction of their customers.
Massive Coupons – Tjori’s coupons are amazingly mesmerizing! On their clearance sale, their products have slashed prices which reaches up to 60% off, which means you can pay half the price of some products which are selected for clearance sale.
Versatility – This is what makes them stand out because they offer a huge variety of products, which is rare, when compared to other stores.

Tjori Products With Discounted Prices On Amazon

Tjori Overnight Skin Transforming serum (20 ml) – this product was sold at 599 rupees but currently it is sold at 325 rupees, making you save up to 274 rupees.
Tjori Blemish Free Gel – It goes for a discounted price of 349 rupees, as it was formerly sold for 400 rupees. Now you can have 51 rupees in your pocket, all thanks to Tjori.
Tjori Bagro Maxi Dress – This dress comes in different sizes and it is sold for about 5,667 rupees on Amazon.

Apart from the traditional way of purchasing products online, Tjori store has an app which is user friendly and quite helpful.
Return & Exchange Policy On Tjori Store
At Tjori store, they strive hard to please all customers accordingly. Perhaps you are not 100% satisfied with their product, it can be returned or exchanged. However, all products made on order can be  returned or exchanged with other products on their store within a period of 10 days, after delivery.
Products to be returned must not be damaged and they (Tjori) do not take responsibility for damages which happen while on transit. Finally, you cannot return or exchange any product which falls under CLEARANCE SALE.

Does Tjori store sell Covid- 19 Essentials?

Absolutely! They sell Covid-19 essentials like Face mask, hand sanitizers, hand wash, and others.

Does Tjori store sell children’s wear?

Yes they do. They have a pretty good collection of children‘s wear you can pick from.

How active Is Tjori’s customer service?

Tjori’s customer care lines and emails are always on standby. Whenever you reach out to them, they respond as soon as possible.

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