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This is truly your safe space for all your beauty needs. They don’t just meet your skin care needs they also believe in making you  feel beautiful from inside out. They have been in the business of taking care of the body for over four decades now and truly know how to make you look beautiful with their various skin care products, body care, hair products, fragrance. All natural and fresh ingredients are used to make all of their products. Your one stop shop to take care of your skin no matter the gender, race or age. It is soothing to announce that they have a dermatologist who is readily available to answer all your questions.
What We Love About Body Shop
The page is fully packed with information about you and your skin. Well organized and arranged in different sub sections for you to browse through and pick products peculiar to you. There is a section dedicated to each skin type with suggested products for you. You don’t have to worry about being confused on what to pick.
Prices and Offers
Prices of all of their products are highly discounted that you can’t help but click on ‘add to bag’. 40% off all of their soaps. 20% off all their shower gels and other products in the body and skin category. The makeup category is not left out from the discounts. Eye, eyes, lips products and even the tools for makeup application get 20% discount. The fragrance sections are  discounted too.
Also, there’s a section where you can gift out their products to a friend or loved one with utmost attention to gender and age  There are offers for occasions like birthdays or Ramadan celebration with list of products suitable for the recipient. The store is definitely the place to shop for yourself and loved ones.
*Free shipping for orders above 2500 rupees
*Get free samples of their Tea tree product which is a 3-1 wash, scrub, mask skin care products.
*There’s an extra 5% discount if you prepaid your orders.
Helpful Blog
It is rare to see an online beauty store where various topics concerning skin and body issues are addressed in their articles. You really want to check out their website to know more about your skin, how to apply make up, use fragrance and perfect gift to give a friend or loved one.
Also, it is thrilling to see how each skin types have products suitable for it. Make up for different skin tones are available and if you are quite unsure of your skin tone; there’s a test to help determine that.
Their products being strictly natural and vegan with unique packaging, are eye catching that you can’t resist having one to use during routine baths or massages and spa routine.
Lastly, due to the recent pandemic crisis, there’s an option for delivery and it’s quite swift and affordable so shopping is made easier.
Yes, all products can be returned as long as products are unopened and untampered with.
I don’t know my skin tone but want to buy some foundation.
There’s a section made to help you determine your skin tone and skin types and recommended product for each skin types.
I’m skeptical about using my cards online; can I pay on delivery?
Yes, you can pay cash on delivery. But be rest assured that the payment platforms are secure and transfers from leading banks in India are accepted.

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