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About Redwolf

Art is an expression of feelings and ideas. It provides a platform for creativity, a gateway for imaginations, and a source of inspiration. Redwolf online store offers a variety of products that allows for art to be lived on a daily basis. Starting initially as a clothing label in 2011, they sort to “curate some fantastic artwork by artists from all over the globe…” they have indeed achieved this, and over the years, they have incorporated this idea into the provision of other common accessories. Redwolf recognizes attachments formed with fictional characters and individuals’ love for pop culture, and so, they provide a line of products that have been turned into canvases to express such fascinations.
What we love about Redwolf online store
Beauty and inspiration:           If you are someone who appreciates the beauty in colors or you get inspired by words, then, browsing through the collections at Redwolf store is sure to grant you satisfaction. Memes, graphic arts, and quotes make up the designs beautifully displayed on the Sweatshirts, mugs, etc. that line the shelves of Redwolf.
Creativity:         Without a doubt, creativity can be said to be the major driving force of Redwolf. They identify with the need to go beyond stereotypes, and so, they provide products that never fail to cause a second look and attract commendations. From T-shirts that say “I am a unicorn” to mugs with the inscription “the coffee is dark and full of flavors”, there is always, at the least, an item that catches one’s attention.
Varieties of children gifts:      Redwolf incorporates themes such as movie characters, superheroes, etc. into the production of their merchandise. This makes it a good store to shop for children’s accessories. Do you recall the smile on your child, little cousin, niece, or nephew’s face when the ‘star wars’ show comes up? Now, imagine how wide the smile will be if such a child is gifted a backpack with a unique feature that allows him/her swap bag skins so that there can be periodic changes to the display of his/her favorite character(s) on just one bag. A wonderful picture right?  Redwolf online store makes this a reality.
Redwolf Products
Redwolf products include T-shirts, stickers, phone covers, posters, notebooks, tote bags, etc. Recently, a new addition was made in the face of the current pandemic. They now sell reusable 100% cotton material facemasks that are as delightful, judging by their inscriptions, as they are useful at the price of Rs. 199.
Some Redwolf products are available on the Amazon online shopping platform, the bestsellers of which are cool t-shirts for men currently selling at a slashed price of Rs. 549.
Return and exchange policy
Redwolf has a 15 days return policy. They issue the Redwolf wallet that allows for exchange up to the value of the product returned.

What is the quality of the fabric used for production?

Redwolf store assures of wears made with 100% cotton material.

Does Redwolf take bulk and custom orders?

Yes, this service enables you to order customized merchandise for special purposes such as social events, school, and corporate programs.

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