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About Propshop24

Propshop24 Online Shopping in India.
This store covers a lot of areas as they have a wide range of products. Their products range from home furnishings, stationery, fashion, beauty products, travel equipment, gadgets, confectionery and so much more. This online retail store was founded in 2012 and its headquarters is located in Mumbai, India. It was voted as the best specialty store in 2013. When you visit their online platform, there’s just something for you to fall in love with.
Propshop24 has been determined to provide unique gifting items that are of great quality. This has made them stand out over the years. The owners, Amtosh Singh and Utsav Vohra have a principle that instead of getting a million products, they would rather settle for a thousand with great quality. They are currently running a platform where donations can be made to acquire face masks for front line health workers but, they do not currently sell face masks themselves.
Reasons Why You Should Love Propshop24.

Versatility: They have a variety of products that cut across a wide range. They have been able to successfully stock up and offer a large number of products. They stand out due to their incredible gifting innovations so when you go shopping for someone at this store, you’ll never run out of options.
Good reviews: Existing customers of this store known as the proppers have many great reports about the products in the store. When going through the list, it is without a doubt that they have satisfied customers.
Pricing: Most of the products found in this store are quite affordable. They also offer a 10% discount for every first purchase. The store provides the ability to buy things in bulk and also to pay cash on delivery. However, cash on delivery is only applicable to some products.

Types of Products Available at Propshop24 Online Store
They have about seven classes of products. They have a lot of products but only a few would be mentioned here.

Stationary: This consists of notebooks, paper clips, folders, greeting cards, and many more.
Jewelry: This consists of hair accessories, earrings, anklets, and many more.
Food: This consists of snacks, beverages, and many more.
Travel: Travel essentials and car accessories.

Return Policy
If you want to return a product, you start off by raising a return request on their website and this must be done within the first 48 hours after the order was received. You have to ensure that the package is still as intact as you received it with everything in place.
If you received a damaged product and wish it should be replaced, it would be replaced after it has been confirmed but your shipping fee would not be returned.
Frequently Asked Questions

Does propshop24 have products of good quality?

Yes, the store has put in so much effort to ensure their clients get the best product from them.

Are all their products locally manufactured?

No, they have a lot of brands in their store both those manufactured in India and those outside of India.

Are their products expensive?

No, their products are very affordable.

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