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Printland Online Shopping in India
Printland is one of the largest printing superstores in India. They re-defined printing by bringing web-2-print technologies in India. They offer the most convenient, economical and friendly way to order for printed on products. Not only can you view products and compare them, but they also give the word “window shopping” a different meaning altogether.
At, you will find things you thought would only be available in the physical market, but Printland has good online printing options that enables customers to print any picture – colored or black and white on any surface. The photo prints on their site are non-pixelated and thus, have very good luster and shine, almost like a photograph. They offer the best online photo printing service pan-India.
What We Love About This Brand
We have established that this store is known for originality, reliability and good quality products. Below are some of the things we love about them.
When a company takes the types of steps Printland is taking in making sure that ordered items get to the customer in time, it speaks more about how trustworthy the store is. Even despite this current pandemic, they still make sure that those items are delivered without much ado.
Printland products are very affordable. One would think that a fast growing brand like that would be very expensive considering the good quality of their products. To cap it, periodically the store offers discounts on some of its products.
Health Consciousness
When a brand is not only concerned about the sales to be made from its customers but additionally ensures they are doing fine, it keeps the brand forever in the minds of the customers. Ever since the outbreak of this pandemic, the management started doing everything to curtail the spread of the virus. One of those measures taken is the provision of Hand Sanitizers, Face Mask, regular check-up, practicing social distancing, amongst others.
Adidas: This is one of the brands Printland partners with. Adidas being a well-known brand for its utility in high intensity activities such as sports and exercise, is a definitely one a great print store like Printland would want to work with. Printland thus provides customization services for people who favor the Adidas brand.
Hp: This is another excellent brand Printland partners  with. They sell customized varieties of Pen Drive available in corporate gifting section on their online store. Additionally, they also have popular corporate products such as Nameplates, Business Planners, Flash Drives, Banner Stands, Letterheads amongst others.
Sony: This is a Japanese Multinational producer of electronic-related accessories. Their customized products are available and distributed through Printland.
Return Policy
Printland offers a 7-day return policy for products sold directly. If something goes wrong with an eligible product and you notify them within 7 days of receiving the item, such issue will be resolved and a satisfactory resolution reached. This could involve a return for exchange, or refund. Although, due to the present Covid19 pandemic, they might not be able to see to this at the moment but once normalcy has been restored we shall bounce back on this.
Here Are Some Top Products From Printland Which Are Available On Amazon India
Printland Printed Back Cover for Lenovo S5: The original price for this product is 2299rupees and it comes with a free delivery offer. This product is of high quality.
Printland Owled Laptop Sleeves 13 inch SLV15IN0386: This is one of the top bestselling products of the brand on amazon. This product is in fade-proof colors and it’s completely washable.
How do I cancel an order at Printland?
You can opt for cancellation of order by writing to the customer care representative at Printland to request an order cancellation.
Is it possible to get a warranty for a product?
If the product has a producer’s warranty, it will be mentioned alongside other details of the product.

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