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It’s no news that when it comes to development and sustenance of ethnic and artistic clothing heritage, India is one of a few countries of the world that can lay claims to that. It won’t be out of place to categorically identify that the roles of top Indian players in the textile industry have largely contributed to this.
Established in the early 20th century by Pothy Moopanar who started out selling exclusively sarees, dhotis, and towels made with his own loom, Pothys has evolved into being top industry dealers in varieties of textiles as well as accessories.
With showrooms situated all over south India, Pothys has successfully gained a  reputation for consistently putting out the highest quality and diverse clothing options coupled with unrivaled customer service. Their industry and dedication to providing exclusive clothing designs were proven when they were voted the best saree showroom in Chennai – the cultural and economic fortress of South India. Their undaunted innovation and excellence in silk manufacturing earned them a spot in Guinness Book of Record in 2005 for creating the world’s longest saree. Now, that’s huge. Who wouldn’t want to shop with them? Their online shopping portal is an express exhibition of all their amazing sarees and also accessories. So you don’t have to actually travel down to Tamil Nadu to get that beautiful silk saree or your long-coveted fashion jewelry .
What we love about Pothys online store
Quality Silk Sarees
Pothys’ online store houses a large collection of diverse authentic silk saree designs. Interestingly, Pothys is known to be the only textile showroom in Tamil Nadu to launch its own silk saree brands. And this brand is distinct for its exclusive and luxurious designs, silk richness, top quality zari work as well as weaving artistry for the best look and feel.
Product varieties
Even though Pothys is famous for producing the best silk sarees around, they also offer varieties of other designer sarees, fashion accessories, for men and women, and kids. You’d also find a rich collection of beautiful wedding collections on their online store.
Top-notch accessories
Because it’s Pothys, whatever they decide to sell is always of superb quality. Accessories on Pothys are quite affordable too. You can get a fancy pair of earrings on Pothys store for as low as Rs. 305.
Some of our favorite Pothys Sarees on Amazon include women’s chiffon saree, women’s brass saree, women’s satin saree, women’s handloom silk, women’s Tussar silk, to mention a few. The prices of these sarees are generally within ranges of Rs. 1,375 – Rs. 7,012.
Return Policy
Pothys offers a ‘no questions asked return and refund policy” which entitles customers to return the product at the time of delivery if due to some reason they are not satisfied with the quality or freshness of the product. They also would issue a credit note for the value of the returned product which would be credited to your Pothys coupon account on their site. This can be used to make subsequent purchases on the platform.
Will you deliver to any country across the world?
Pothys delivers to any country across the world through its reliable logistics providers.
How do I know that my transaction has been successful?
You would receive an order confirmation via email from Pothys with the corresponding order number for your future reference.
How do I return a product, if I don’t like it?
Pothys advise customers to report the return of product(s) within 24 hours of receiving the product. You can reach their customer service via specified emails and phone numbers highlighted on their website.

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