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About Oriflame


Oriflame Sweden is a Swedish company with hundreds of physical stores and an incredible online store that aims to alleviate the limitations synonymous with skincare and provide solutions to beauty problems. Various high-quality products that cater to all regardless of skin type, skin condition, weather condition, age group, etc., have gained Oriflame India its reputation. What started as a simple idea borne out of a desire to satisfy people has become a success story spread across 60 countries.

Why we love Oriflame India Products?

Adequate Information

The Oriflame online platform offers you the chance to put the days of being ignorant about beauty issues behind you. You get to learn the right application of products, how to identify your skin type, care routines, etc.


Oriflame is a brand you can trust to provide products that wouldn’t end up causing more harm than good. They employ experts’ services and carry our periodic product performance tests, all to maintain their standards.

Customer Satisfaction

By shopping at Oriflame, you can look forward to a pleasurable experience. Their range of products helps you attain the height of beauty you desire at a cost that suits your pocket. You don’t have to remain the person that only gives compliments; you get to experience receiving them too.


Oriflame products result from their Swedish belief that the best is gotten when nature is combined with science.  They use natural extracts and exfoliants in production, carried out in standard research and development facilities. They also ensure that their operations are in line with strong environmental policies.


Whatever you think of when making a list of beauty products, you can find several options at the Oriflame online store. Their products are trend-driven and innovative in nature. Different types of perfumes, lipsticks, exfoliators, perfectors, anti-aging creams, sunscreens, sugar scrubs, hair amplifiers, and much more are products Oriflame has to offer.

Oriflame India Sub-Brands

  • Activelle: deodorants
  • Born to fly: Fragrances.
  • Color box: Makeup products
  • Divine: Fragrances
  • Feminelle: Intimate Care products
  • Giordani Gold: Fragrances and Makeup
  • Milk and Honey Gold range: Body and hair products
  • Skincare set range: NovAge, Optimals, Pure Skin, Love Nature, Essential Fairness, etc.
  • Swedish spa The ONE Makeup range SkinPro: deep cleansing products
    Wellness etc.

They form the collections of products available for purchase at the store.

Top-selling Oriflame India products on Amazon

Below are some of the top-selling Oriflame products available on Amazon:

  • Oriflame Milk and honey gold nourishing hand and body cream 250g- Rs. 420
  • The ONE EXPRESS peach perfector fair light- Rs. 194
  • Oriflame feet up advanced cracked heel repair foot cream, 75ml- RS. 266

Return and Exchange Policy

Oriflame has a claim policy that allows for return or exchange claims to be registered online within 30 days after delivery. Afterward, they either issue a full cash refund or an exchange.

FAQs on Oriflame India

1.How can I be sure that Oriflame India is a genuine company?

Relevant contact details of Oriflame consultants are available on the website. They are on the ground to provide you with the necessary information that puts your mind at rest.

2.What happens if I react adversely to an Oriflame product?

Sure, refunds are available and easy, but the product must not be used more than one-third of its content.

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