About MamaEarth

About MamaEarth

Well, we all are concerned about our skin and beauty, especially if you are a new mother, and looking for an extremely toxin-free product for your little one, then MamaEarth is the brand that you must choose. This brand has been certified by MadeSafe, an organization that only approves toxin-free products and manufacturers. Both skincare products and baby products are perfectly suitable for every skin type. The quality is commendable, and also, they deliver in an attractive package, which ensures the safety and durability of the product. About the price? It’s both discountable, yet expensive compared to other brands.

Mamaearth Products

  • Face Care

MamaEarth offers complete face care that ranges from face cream, face wash, face mask, face scrub, toner, gel, and serum according to the concern and the skin types.

  • Hair Care

If you are looking for a nourishing treatment and care for your hair, you should try the MamaEarth hair products, including MamaEarth shampoos, hair oil, conditioner, serum, and mask.

  • Body Care

Pamper your skin with the extensive range of MamaEarth body care products that offer from MamaEarth body lotion, body butter, cream, soap, and scrub.

  • Baby Care

Nurturing your baby’s skin is essential, and MamaEarth does precisely that with the complete baby care kit as per your requirement, which also works as a one-stop-shop of natural products, free of toxins.

What did we like about MamaEarth?

The fact is, we liked almost everything, and their products are unique. It’s practical, and the quality standard works smoothly, especially the baby products. There are no paraben, toxins, or sulfates. The brand has got a vast arena of skin products for both adults and babies. Also, MamaEarth has got gift packs and combination packs, which is a good deal if you are usual.

What we didn’t like?

The price is not comfortable for everyone, though the products are! However, the skin products need to be chosen according to your skin type after thorough research to prevent further skin damage. The variety of works by skin concern is lesser as compared to other beauty and cosmetic brands.

Prices and Deals

As already mentioned, the price is not much affordable, and it can’t be easy for everyone. The discounts are available; maybe you might have to order in a combo pack or gift pack.


In case of return or exchanges, you can raise a request to them in 2 days of product delivery. However, if the return shipment is not available for your location, you have to self-ship, while the courier charges will be reimbursed. The refund process will take around 7 days to be finished.

FAQs about Mamaearth

  1. Is MamaEarth an Indian brand?

Yes, it is ultimately an Indian brand; hence you need not worry about delivery, however, and their significant stores are located in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, and Nagpur.

  1. Can I use baby products for myself?

Of course, you can! Baby products are toxin-free and entirely vegan; hence not just any adult can use baby products.

  1. Are the products expensive?

Yes, they are expensive, and also they do not have much variety and choices on their products and according to skin concerns.

Our Verdict

MamaEarth is a good brand, with product quality and standard, but the prices are high. However, you might have to choose the product as per your concern and check the products before you even start using them regularly because not all of you might get the same results.

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