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Khadi Natural Online Shopping In India.
Having an attractive skin is the beginning of beauty. Going about your daily life and activities, you need to look good and shine bright. Founded and established in 1963, Khadi Natural is one of the oldest and most credible brand when it comes to health-care and beauty products.
Being  a very trustworthy brand, it has maintained its position in the market and its quality and purity makes it an unrivalled store. Khadi Natural have products ranging from Natural handmade soaps, body massage oil, anti wrinkle cream, body wash, shampoo and a whole lot of skin care and beauty products.
Khadi Natural is a renown brand and they have been certified by the department of ayush, as well as other organizations like the International Standard Organization(ISO), the World Health Organization (WHO) and similar organizations.
Why we love Khadi Natural Products
There are a lot of things we love about Khadi Natural. Some of them include their amazing customer service, being a trustworthy brand and more. Here are other reasons.

Their products are tested to be devoid of harmful reactants – Their products are chemical free as they use 100% ayurvedic formulations for their products. Their products are 100% natural and are clinically proven by dermatologists.
Internationally proven and certified – Organizations like WHO, KVIC, GMP have certified their products and with that, one can have rest of mind.
No Animal Testing – Unlike other products that pass through Animal Testing, Khadi Natural products do not undergo animal testing.
Checked for purity –  if you are skeptical about artificial products, you should go for Khadi Natural products which are 100% pure and natural.
Protection of personal information – They protect personal information of clients and have a tight security for their website to avoid any form of unauthorized revealing, destruction or cancellation of personal  information clients provide on the Khadi Natural online store.

Khadi Natural products with good offers on Amazon
These products are all available on Amazon and have slashed prices at various percentages.

Khadi Natural Aloe Vera Gel – this 200mg gel is a skincare product which takes care of dark spots and pimples on your skin. On Amazon, it currently goes for 173 unlike its previous price of 180 rupees.


Khadi Natural Ayurvedic sandalwood & honey face wash (210 ml) – It was sold for 175 rupees but with the price slash, you can now get it at 135 rupees making you save up to 40%.


Khadi Natural Neem and Aloe Vera Herbal Hair cleanser / shampoo – This product doubles as a shampoo and hair cleanser it was formerly sold at 235, but with a 23 rupee slash in price, you can get it at 212 rupees with free delivery.

Khadi Natural Return Policy
 Khadi Natural does not accept products whose seal or packaging have been either destroyed or tampered with. If the seal  is intact and still in good condition, you can contact them for a return.

How can i replace a product ?

 To replace products bought on Khadi Natural, you could just put a call through to their  customer care on +91-9555700400 or email them on

How natural are Khadi Natural products?

Their products are produced under the counselling of competent Ayurveda Doctors and all products  comprise of pure Herbal active ingredients from plants.

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