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Children bring joy to our hearts. Watching them smile, take their first steps, and play around are things every adult should enjoy witnessing. Amongst loving and taking care of children, everyone derives joy from seeing their children looking well-dressed. They look so adorable and lovable. With the intention of providing the best for kids, Hopscotch online brand has been able to provide beautiful and really cute clothing, toys, and a lot of fun stuff for children from when they are newborns till when they are about twelve years. Mothers are not left out as they incorporated a small part for them that has to do with fancy kitchen utensils.

Rahul Anand, a graduate of Harvard Business School established Hopscotch online store in 2011. Hopscotch’s head office is located in Mumbai, India. This brand shows its utmost love for children by holding a fundraiser together with Child Rights and You (CRY) in order to feed 1000 children in India and their families.

Reasons Why You Should Love Hopscotch Online

  • Inventiveness

When working with children, you should have the ability to bring up a lot of new ideas pertaining to the clothes they wear, the toys they play with, the food they eat. Hopscotch has been able to keep up this long due to their creative strength and their ability to incorporate new things in their business.

  • Quality

It is one thing to be very creative and bring up new ideas, and it’s another thing to be able to work on these ideas and deliver products of good quality. No matter how great an idea is, an atrocious product would always be awful, sometimes dangerous. You can never tell what a child would do with broken parts of a toy. Hopscotch has great quality products and that’s a high point for them.

  • Good customer support

They have a well-placed website that helps customers navigate through properly. Despite the fact that they cover a large amount of stock, you won’t feel overwhelmed by them.

Types of Products in Hopscotch Online

Hopscotch online store has products like children clothing, toys and books, food and snacks, daily care products, the best-sellers include ;

  • Children’s clothing
  • Toys and books
  • Food and snacks
  • Daily care products

Recently, the safety essentials category was included in the store and the products found here include face masks, safety hats, and contactless thermometer.
They are currently running a sale where some of their products can be bought with a 50% discount. For the quality of the products they offer, their price is satisfactory.

Hopscotch Online Return Policy

Except for personal use items like swimwear, innerwear, and food items, all other products are eligible for return. They must be in their original packaging and the request must be within 15 days. You can also replace damaged products or products that do not correspond to the product description.

FAQs on Hopscotch Online

1. How do I track my order status?

Simply log into your hopscotch account and tap on “Orders”, then on “Track” and you would know the location of your package.

2. I wish to become a vendor/Brand Partner

Send an Email to vendorcare@hopscotch.in.

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