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Handcrafted materials are known for lasting quite long compared to any other kind of product in the same class. Hidesign online store is one of the stores in India that provides you with handcrafted accessories like handbags, wallets, briefcases, clutches, and lots more.
This company that has a lot of branches started up due to the hobby of a man in 1978. The man, Dilip Kapur started creating innovative designs and started crafting accessories from high-quality leathers. His work has stood the test of time and is still appreciated today. His exclusive work is displayed in more than 2000 stores and he has 84 stores in about 23 countries.
One remarkable thing about Hidesign online store is the fact that they use a variety of leather materials derived from both plants and animals giving room for vegans to also make their choice without being uncomfortable with their decision. Their leather derived from plants include classic, and rancheros. Their animal-based leathers are derived from animals like ostriches, deer, and elephants. These unique leathers are what were used for their awesome collections like Massai collection, Icon collections, East India collection, and much more.
Reasons Why We Love Hidesign Online Store.

Quality: One thing that has become consistent with this brand is the quality of its products which they have been able to keep topnotch over the years. Though they have been innovative over the years, they have produced a lot of leather harnessed from different sources but they have not traded quality for anything.
Know-how: It is quite amazing that everything they have produced is all hand made. Every stitch and every buckle were all made by hand. This takes a lot of years to gain mastery. This is something that Hidesign has an advantage in as they have been carrying out this project for years and have succeeded in training many other people to carry on with the standard of the company.
Price: Despite all the hard work that is obviously put in every product from start to finish, this brand is known for being affordable. They provide the best prices that can be attained for products similar to theirs. This is one reason they are loved by many.

Return Policy
Peradventure you do not like what you received from the Hidesign store, the product can be returned within 15 days. It has to be returned in the same packaging without exemption of anything. In case you received a defective package, contact them on their website. This policy is only applicable to India.
Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Hidesign bags made?

Hidesign leather goods are manufactured in Pondicherry, India. Though, the company has had projects done in 24 other countries.

How can I care for leather products?

Use a damp towel dipped in soapy water and clean the leather.
Stains from oil, eggs, and ink do not go off leather, so totally avoid them coming in contact with your leather product.
On light-colored leather, for example, white and nude, avoid dirt.

How can I tell a fake Hidesign bag?

Carefully examine the bag and look out for the stitches. If the stitches are done in an uneven manner, it is a big sign that it is fake. Check the stitches inside the bag too.

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