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Forever New Online Shopping in India
Have you ever had a frustrating experience of having to shop on different websites in a bid to piece together your clothing needs? Have you ever imagined a one-stop-shop that caters to all your clothing needs?
Or perhaps you’ve come across some online shops but you weren’t satisfied with their offers. Forever New answers all these questions – all-in-one clothing and accessories shop, superb customer experience, satisfaction – and more.
Forever New started in Australia in 2006 with a mission to providing a clothing line where women can shop for all of their clothing needs. Your shopping experience is sweetened with a detailed guide on choosing the best clothing based on your size and shape.
This, coupled with quality and the best brands, has made them stand out and won over the Australian fashion market. These practices have worked for them and helped them serve customers through more than 250 stores in seven countries, including India.
Forever New product range includes dresses, tops, jackets and coats, pants, jeans, shorts, skirts, and knitwear. What more? They also sell bags and accessories like handbags, clutches, necklaces, earrings, hair accessories, hats, scarves, sunglasses, and shoes.
Think of it as your comfortable marketplace for all your clothing and accessories needs. What about the icing on the cake? All products are of the best quality, the most affordable price, and the latest in the market.
What We Love About Forever New
You will think that all the qualities mentioned above are all that Forever New has to offer. Well, you’ll be forgiven for thinking so. Forever New has other great qualities which are highlighted below.
Comprehensive Size Guide
One of the pain points experienced online is the inability to physically handle a piece of clothing you’ll like to buy. Because of this, you cannot know whether it fits or not. Forever New’s measurement guide solves this problem. The guide shows you in a detailed but simple image on how to get the perfect clothing for your size and shape.
At Forever New, there’s a believe in an all-round experience for customers. Their blog provides ideas, guides, insights, and other relevant tips to ensure your well-being. In a recent post, the importance of meditation, particularly in a period of long isolation was highlighted. Forever New doesn’t just collect your hard-earned money and shut their doors, they also add meaning to your living.
Returns Policy
Forever New has a 30 days returns policy on some product offers. While this rarely occurs, they have gone the extra mile to ensure that you can return to patronise them again even if you had returned a product in the past. The guidelines on returning a product are stated on their website.
Some of their best-selling clothing includes:

Grace 7/8th Slim Pants
Kayla Spliced Lace Pleated Maxi
Becca Bardot Ruffle Maxi Dress
Sonia Utility Mini Dress
Abigail Wide Leg Pant
Isabel Mid Rise Straight Jean
Anna Flutter Sleeve Midi Dress
Willow Printed Midi Dress
Paris Polka Dot Mini Dress

Question: Are Forever New clothing and accessories affordable?
Answer: Forever New stocks are sold at the best price. They run price discounts on already-cheap stocks, making it possible for you to get your products at the most affordable price.
Question: How secure is their online payment system?
Answer: Forever New uses the most secure payment system on their online store. This ensures that your details are secured.

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