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Floweraura Online Shopping India
FlowerAura is an online flower store that is after your happiness and gratification. They desire to keep your internal and external environment beautiful and healthy for you to breathe. Hence, they provide beautiful flowers to all Indians. It’s important to know that all their flowers are freshly cut for delivery. No matter where you are in India, FlowerAura got you covered because they operate in over 230 cities just in India.
Why Do We Love Floweraura?
FlowerAura is after your smiles, hence, they brighten your face by delivering beautiful flowers to you and your loved ones just at your order. Moreover, they believe that your satisfaction is their success. Their delivery platform further consists of an experienced team in operations and technology which facilitates them to deliver fresh flowers and gifts at an inexpensive rate. All their flowers are handpicked at the right stage of blossom by florists with expertise. Therefore, you should know that you get the worth of your money whenever you make an order for a flower or other products online because according to their motto, FlowerAura is a messenger with perfection.
1. Flowers
Everyone practically loves flowers because of the wonders they perform and bring to their lives. Flowers either leave your face with a big grin while they make your environment look more appealing or make you feel loved and happy, especially when they come from someone you love and appreciate. FlowerAura is committed to making you happy and excited all the time.
2. Digital Gifts And Personalized Gifts
Although they are mainly known for flowers, they have other side attractions like gifts to accompany the flowers to your loved ones. And really, that is a complete package. Digital gifts like an apology can be sent with flowers to your loved ones which truly depicts how sorry you are and how much you love them. You might send personalized gifts to them too. For example, a pillow with your mum’s picture or name would make her feel loved. FlowerAura helps to deliver happiness and love.
3. Cakes And Chocolates
These can be sent with flowers and gifts. Sending your loved ones cake on their birthday or wedding anniversary with flowers and perhaps, a personalized gift would always remain an evergreen experience for them.
FlowerAura is price friendly because they understand their customers. The price for each product is relatively affordable for such their satisfying products. They welcome everyone irrespective of their class in India.
Cancellation And Refund Policy
A delivered item could be canceled for refund after 48 hours of delivery. Your cancellation order should be mailed to wecare@floweraura.com within 48 hours after delivery has been made. After the formal order cancellation request has been received, your mail should contain the following;

Order ID:
Cancellation Reason:

iii. Refund Account Details:
A refund would be made for the following reasons;

A canceled order.
No delivery was made to the recipient. However, an unfounded recipient is excluded.

iii. A damaged product which would be inspected before refund or replacement is made.
A 5% charge is applied to cancellation. A discounted price can’t be refunded.
Can I cancel courier products and personalized products?
No, you can’t.
How do I track my order on FlowerAura?
You can track your order by using the Courier9 online courier tracking portal. Their current status can be tracked by using the AWB number/ Consignment number/ Order ID given by them. If you are not satisfied, you might visit their office or put a call through their customer system support.

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