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Fashion never stops speaking, and that’s where Fabindia Online comes into the picture. Fabindia Store is the largest private store that caters to traditional skills and hand-based techniques. John Bissell is the founder of Fabindia in the year 1960, and it started as a company that exports home furnishings.

What do we love about Fabindia Online?

The Fabindia School

Fabindia stores have a co-ed private school that starts from preschool to class 12 (XII). The school is affiliated with the CBSE Board and is located in Bali. The school started in 1992.

Culture Preservation

The store stands as a link between rural and urban markets, thereby creating a platform for sustainable rural employment and traditional handicrafts’ perseverance. The store celebrates the Indian culture through the products they sell.

Supports Organic Agriculture

The store, through its Fabindia Organics, supports organic agriculture. They strongly believe in giving farmers a good price for their produce and supplying quality food to their customers.

The Fab family Program

This is an exclusive membership program that opens up a world of benefits, experiences, and rewards to its members. It is a closed group of those who love and admire the Indian culture. The program has 5 tiers and is used as a way of showing appreciation to their customer base.

Disposable Isolation Coverall

One unique thing about the store is the ability to manufacture and distribute this coverall to help fight against COVID-19. This coverall provides 360-degree protection to the person wearing it.

Return Policy of Fabindia online

For non-upholstered products with manufacturing defects, Fabindia gives a one (1) year warranty against such defects. Another advantage is you can also try to exchange, repair, or refund through the gift vouchers once the quality control team confirms the product’s manufacturing defect.

However, the warranty on the product does not cover products like fabrics and leathers, breakages of mirrors and glass after delivery, and any damage to a product resulting from improper installation.

Products we love from the Fabindia Online

The largest portion of Fabindia’s products offer textiles, fashion, apparel, whereas the non-textile products include home products, organic food products, and personal care products. Here are some of their top products on Amazon India:


This is an electronic gift card that is valid for one year from the date of issuance. You can freely transfer and redeem for any product at any of the Fabindia stores in India. The price ranges from 500 rupees to 2,000 rupees.

Virgin Coconut Oil

This is an organic food beneficial to the heart and helps the thyroid and endocrine systems function well and increase metabolism. You can use it for cooking and hair/skincare. It currently retails for 679 rupees.

FAQs on Fabindia online

1.Is Fabindia an Indian company?

Yes, it is! However, it serves many other regions around the globe. Its head office is located in New Delhi.

2. Why did I not get my package from Fabindia Online?

It can be because of a wrong address, unavailable address format, incorrect P.O Box addresses, and when the recipient rejects the product. You can track your package through the Order Tracking Facility.

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