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Faballey Online Shopping In India
Do you ever feel let down by the type of clothing you get online? Or you can’t seem to find a reliable online store to shop for your clothing and accessories? It may be that you want a fashion line that puts you first, providing clothing and accessories that give confidence and self-expression?
FabAlley is a fashion brand established to solve your many pain points when it comes to what you put on. Founded by two enthusiastic and trend-setting 25-year-olds in 2012, FabAlley believes in freedom of expression through what you wear.
What We Love About Faballey
Latest Trends
If you’re looking for the latest clothing trends in India, FabAlley is the right place. Their production line produces more than 100 different products every week, making it possible to supply the latest clothing to you.
Easy Accessibility
It’s much convenient nowadays to browse online for your fashion needs. FabAlley is perfectly set up for online shopping. Instead of going to a physical store and having to search endlessly for your taste, you can conveniently search for the type of product you want on the FabAlley online store.
Quality and Affordable Products
FabAlley’s products are produced in-house, giving them the opportunity to monitor the quality of the products. You’ll might think that the price of FabAlley’s products will on the high side, but that’s not the case. They offer all their products at the most affordable price. Indeed, you don’t have to bother about quality and affordable pricing when it comes to FabAlley, it’s what they do naturally.
Faballey Products
Face Masks
FabAlley knows the importance of good health, and especially, in this period of a global pandemic. They produce high-quality face masks that are washable and reusable. Your face mask doesn’t have to look dull and boring after all. FabAlley’s face masks come in beautiful colours and patterns.
These include tops, skirts, jeans, jackets, jumpsuits, shorts, and every other woman’s clothing you can think of. They are available for your body shape and size. You can also shop based on the occasion, be it party, casual, or work.
Bags, shoes, and jewelry are all available in varying designs and colours. FabAlley is bent on providing an experience you’ll relish, hence, you’re nothing short of satisfied by their products.
Returns Policy
FabAlley provides for 15 days period to return items purchased. However, these products must be in their original state, with labels and packaging. FabAlley will pick up the product at your location, and if your location doesn’t support that feature, you can ship to them and they’ll pay for the cost by crediting your FabAlley store credits account.

Does FabAlley produce Indian traditional wears?

FabAlley focuses on western-style clothing, tailor-made for the Indian climate. However, their sub-brand Indya produces trendy Indian traditional wears.

Is there a warranty on FabAlley’s products?

FabAlley’s products are made in-house to ensure the best quality. Kindly contact their customer care for further details.

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