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Chumbak online store.
The world keeps evolving, and keeping up with the trend can be perceived to be undoable. Well, Chumbak online retail store has been able to successfully compile a wide range of products that are constantly updated to keep up with the existing trend. Imagine visiting a store and seeing “work from home” dresses. This is a thoughtful move made especially for this period when most individuals are expected to work from home. This does not apply to fashion alone but also, other categories that exist in their store. They have even incorporated the sales of face mask to their business to meet up with a need in this pandemic.
This store owned by a couple, Vivek Prabhakar and Shubhra Chadda was started in March 2010. They started this project with the primary purpose of creating cool Indian gifts. Chumbak has however grown much bigger to own offices in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi in India.
Reasons Why You Should Love Chumbak Online Store.

Consistency: They have been able to deliver products that suit the different periods we find ourselves in. You can log into their system and expect to see something new, something trendy, something delightful.
Innovative nature: Different people have different preferences. Knowing this, this store has worked really hard and tried to provide for different people’s demands. Chumbak has tried to meet various people’s fashion and home decoration expectations. They also have a gifting unit that does an incredible job of providing and packaging the best gift options for people.
Price: They offer a lot of affordable products at very decent prices. Currently, a sale is running on their website where the price of some of their goods have been slashed down to a 30% discount. There is also room for products to be bought in bulk.

Types of Products Available at the Chumak Online Store.
Chumbak has products like accessories, gift cards, and beautiful interior decoration items. They have two main categories which are fashion and home decor.
The bestselling products in these categories are;
Fashion: Floral Palms Wrist Watch, Summer Vibes Black Sleeveless jumpsuit, Tassel Block Earring.
Home Decor: Royal Vibes Table Mats, Gleeful Deer Mugs Gift Set.
Return Policy.
Some products can be returned but in a space of 14 days after the products have been received. You simply have to send a request on their website or call 1-800-420-1200. The returned product should be returned the same way it was received with nothing tampered with.
Items like personal care items, furniture, bodysuits, outdoor reusable masks, wall prints, and frames cannot be returned. Such items can only be accepted if you noticed they were damaged upon delivery. The company also has to be informed within 48 hours.
Frequently Asked Questions

Does Chumbak ship internationally?

No, they do not ship internationally

Can I choose a different item in exchange?

Yes, you can exchange for a different item after you have received your order. However, you have to replace it with something of the same value. If the price of the second item exceeds the first, you have to pay before receiving your new order. You can only exchange within 20 days.

Can I have my order gift-wrapped?

Yes, your order can be gift wrapped. Though, it is important to know that the invoice for the product would be included.

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