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For most, the decision to own any piece of jewelry is motivated by the desire to either accentuate beauty, show a sense of style or extent of wealth. It is magical how a simple neckpiece or the smallest of earrings can give a look that perfect touch. Also, knowing which ornament to adorn on different clothing ensembles does well to a person’s reputation. In addition, spending a fortune on jewelry doesn’t necessarily have to be a waste since jewelry is a good store of value. The collections of jewelry that can be found at Candere online store satisfy the needs marked by these motivations. Since opening in 2013, they have ensured that they continuously live up to their brand name which means ‘to glow’ or ‘to shine’
What we love about Candere online store
Quality and Variety:    Do you want that piece of jewelry that correctly defines your personality? Or do you have a certain look in mind for that special occasion and you need the perfect set of ornaments to match? Then, Candere is the right stop. By acknowledging the fact that different emotions and desires are at play when choices are being made, Candere provides a wide range of jewelry with inspirational designs that act as good additions to men and women wardrobes.
Durability:        One common factor that motivates the choice of most individuals is durability. Who wouldn’t love for their jewelry choice to be long-lasting? Not to forget, jewelries are objects of bequests too. Candere store offers products at several price ranges. Although, as usual, the higher the range, the higher the level of trust regarding durability, however, all products can be trusted to pass a commendable level of durability.
Additional Services:     Apart from sales, Candere offers additional services such as free engraving, customization, ring sizing, virtual try-on, and education to its customers. By this, they ensure that customer satisfaction is at maximum and that through their platform, ignorance that leads to misplacement of value on precious stones and overpricing is reduced. They also provide on- the- spot insurance service that promises a 96% payment in the case of theft or loss.
Candere Products
Product types available at Candere online store include rings, earrings, pendants, chains, necklaces, and bangles with different specifications. There are several distinct collections with current slash prices such as 

The miracle plate collection: Rs. 8484- Rs. 60,000
Rose Jewelry collection: Rs. 11,033- Rs. 48,026
Prismatic designs: Rs. 7453- Rs. 43,362

There are also wedding collections such as Gujurat, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Muhurat, etc. Most of these products are available on the amazon online shopping platform at discounted prices.
Return and exchange policy
Customers are eligible for an exchange of up to 100% under a 30 days return policy. Products are accepted back if only there is no damage, alterations, or tampering on them.

Are there schemes to cater for future jewelry purchases?

Yes, there is the ‘Akshaya priority scheme’ and the ‘double gold rate protection scheme’

Does Candere offer surprise deliveries service?

Yes. For special requests, the customer service department should be contacted.

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