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About Bluestone

Bluestone Jewelry Online Store
About The Store – This is the perfect online store to meet all your jewelry and accessories needs and taste in India. They have all kinds of unique masterpiece to wear on different occasions and on different wears. The thrilling experience of putting on one of their piece can’t be explained except you have one on you.
What We Love About Bluestone Jewelry Online Store

There are thousands of designs to choose from made by their team of jewelry experts and you can customize your designs to suit your individual taste and choice. You make all decision entirely online from the comfort of your home.
They are certified by the Kimberly Process certification scheme, so all items are conflict-free and insured. Buyers get a certificate of ownership at the delivery of each item.
The website has a warm, welcoming and enchanting browse through with ease look. You cannot just help but click on ‘buy now’. It’s very easy to navigate with the different subsections to lead buyers through the sections they are interested in without getting lost.

As much as one can get enchanted in the beauty of each piece; buyers don’t have to worry about missing their way to their preferred section they need to buy a piece from. It is not intimidating nor domineering like other jewelry stores. All charges are put right beside each piece to quicken a buyer’s buying decision.
Types Of Products
There are different sections ranging from rings, earrings, pendant, bracelets, nose pins, men’s jewelry, kid’s jewelry, Gold coins, solitaires, necklaces to suit different individuals and moods. Whatever the occasion or dress you need an accessory for; more than a piece is available for it.
Price Range
The store is comfortably affordable. Each stone, solitaire, and individual sizes has its own price. You know the process you piece your unique jewelry together. As a totally online store; you don’t have to worry about inventory charges or hidden costs.
Return Policy
The beautiful thing is they give 100% return policy on all orders except gold coins within 30 days. You don’t have to worry about loss in investment especially when you don’t like what is been delivered to you. This is very much unlikely going to happen because of the transparency to choose and guaranteed quality of jewelry yet a refund and even an exchange is possible.
Q – Can I try it on before buying it?
A – Absolutely! You can have it sent to you by a jewelry expert  so you can try it on if you are first time customer. This is available only to interested buyers within India.
Q – My skin is very sensitive to stones; how am I sure I won’t develop an allergy?
A – Various skin types have been considered and all their stones and peices are nickel safe to prevent skin allergies.
Q – How am I sure I’m getting a genuine item and not some stolen piece?
A – All stones are judiciously investigated by the appropriate authorities and insured by the Kimberly process certification scheme. Be rest assured you are getting value for your money without any worry of being stolen.

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