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Are you looking for a store where you can easily order a product and get it delivered to you within five (5) days? You don’t have to look far. Biba is the best store for that. Biba is a registered private limited company with a chain of retail stores with its head office in New Delhi. Another unique thing about the Biba online store is that they sell Biba products to both retail and wholesale buyers worldwide through the export department. Biba Apparels is an Indian fashion giant that stands true to its name by dressing and embellishing modest maidens. The store has been in existence since 1986 and is still standing strong.

What do we love about Biba Online?

Affordable Indian Ethnic Wears

Very few brands in India sell affordable ethnic wear, and Biba is one of the very few. Biba offers these wears for online shopping, and never will you visit and not get something satisfying to buy.

Large discount on Clothing

Biba offers up to 50% off on Kurta and Kurtis, especially during the summer. The store allows clients to get their favorite Biba kurta and Kurti at very discounted prices. Despite the great discount, there is no delivery fee. This is a great offer you should not miss.

Inspiring Designs

You cannot visit the Biba store and not love what you see there. The designs are the best you will find, and even as the designs are lovely and inspiring, they are still affordable. Therefore, do not think that the price will discourage you from getting a dress of your choice. Also, Biba’s designs flow with the trends, and you are sure to get trending styles on their site.

Return Policy On Their Website

At the Biba store, refunds and replacements are not allowed for International shipments. This, in turn, means that you cannot return a product that has been shipped internationally, and even if you do, do not expect any refund or product replacement.
You can only cancel an online order before the product has been shipped, and then your entire order amount will be refunded.

What didn’t we like?

  • Customer service experience is either delayed or irresponsive.
  • The products do not look the same as shown on their website.
  • The delivery of the product is not as promised.

FAQs on Biba Online

1. Are Gift Vouchers Available At Biba Online?

Yes, they have gift vouchers in all our stores.

2. How can I Check My Order Status?

Once you place your order, you can view it at any time through the ‘my orders’ option. You will see the option when you log in to your Biba account.

3. Which countries do they ship to?

They ship to all countries except the ones on the Restriction List.

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