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About Adidas India

About Adidas India

Good footwear does not only make you comfortable but also confident. Be it for special occasions, sports, and exercises, or regular outings such as taking a walk in the neighborhood, it is important that you have the right kind of footwear gracing your feet. Beyond looking good and dapper, your footwear is a protective piece of coverage that is part of your daily dressing and, as such, should be of good quality. Adidas India has been around for so many decades, yet they remain relevant, more so now that online stores are widely popular for easy accessibility and quick shopping.

Founded by Adolf ‘Adi’ Dassler, who later partnered with his brother Rudolf Dassler, the Adidas brand has always been known for a top-notch quality range of sport-inspiring and high-performance products, such as Adidas shoes, Adidas clothing, and Adidas accessories. The German multi-sportswear and apparel brand has been in the Indian market since the 1990s, and it is a trusted footwear and apparel brand in the country. So it’s no surprise that about 80 percent of Adidas products in India are locally made.


What do we love about Adidas India?

We have established that the brand is reliable for its quality and valuable merchandise. It doesn’t hurt that the company enjoys a worldwide presence and recognition, but there is more to our love for Adidas beyond their great products and popularity.

  • Industry years

When a company remains as consistent as Adidas has been, people tend to become dependent on them, especially if they provide quality products or services. Adidas, although not the oldest footwear, apparel, accessories, and equipment company, however, has something going on well for them – they’ve been around for so long that it only makes sense for people to think of the name Adidas in the same sentence as ‘good footwear, quality apparel, sporting goods and more.

  • Financial strength

The lifespan of a company depends on its ability to withstand and thrive during economic changes and come out triumphant in the face of competitions. Adidas has stood the test of time, and this is one reason many people, wholesalers, retailers, and final consumers believe that the company will deliver the best every time. In India, the company experiences huge turnover and has over 500 stores nationwide, including several online Adidas stores affiliated with the brand. Meaning, the brand is thriving here.

  • Availability

This is another thing we admire about the company. They strive to make availability of their authentic products, even in various parts of the world. Technological advancement and internet evolution have been another way the company is bridging marketing and availability gaps. As such, many people get to own the Adidas brand, including Indians.

  • Innovations for all kinds of people

Adidas understands the rule of appealing to human needs, sports or everyday fitness, and living. They develop innovations that make doing sports easy and help an act as simple as jogging much more comfortable. They have a vast range of products for different uses, and these special considerations make life easier. A good example of Adidas’ thoughtfulness is their original idea of holding up their first sneakers’ invention with three stripes. The idea was to make the shoes firmer and comfortable for the wearer. This signaled their identity and became the only logo with basic functionality—definitely a huge plus.

  • Price

One would normally expect that a top brand like Adidas would place premium price for their premium products. However, Adidas products, including Adidas shoes, are surprisingly affordable for the level of quality they are made of. The best part is that when you shop on an Adidas online store, you could benefit from sales prices by using Adidas coupon codes to get the best deals.

Adidas India Online Store Sub-Brands


This particular brand is associated with performance and high-intensity activities such as sports and exercise. Sports lovers will absolutely love specially designed to promote agility, balance, speed, and comfort. For the past 7, Rohit Sharma has Adidas’sen the Adidas for India, especially Indian sport, cricket. Adidas obviously love and promote sports. The logo for this brand is a simple but unique three stripes, the first Adidas logo.

Adidas Original

This is for special bespoke casual clothing, footwear, and accessories that cater to every age and gender. This brand is known for its wide range of colorfulness, character, street credibility, and simple yet production-inducing fashion.  Originally its trefoil logo symbolized performance, but it can now be associated with lifestyle and fashion.

Adidas Neo

As the name implies, the Adidas Neo collection appeals to the new generation focused on a fashion style that makes them look good and so feel great. Kids, teenagers, youth, young adults, and even people in their prime are always on the go, and so, they require clothing and footwear that are comfortable while at the same time chic. The Neo brand, which includes footwear, apparel, and accessories, is, however, teenagers-centered (for youths aged 14-19) and can be worn every day. The Adidas Neo brand has had top celebrities like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez as brand ambassadors. Its logo is a circle with stripes.

Top Adidas India Products on Amazon

There are over 100 online stores selling Adidas products but you are most likely to meet most of them on Amazon. Below are some of the top-selling unique Adidas footwear, clothes, and accessories you can buy at Amazon’s low prices.

Originals Women’s Court Vantage Sneakers:

The original price is 6,990, but you can get it a slashed price of 3,613. Closure type is lace-up, material type is synthetic, and can be worn for casual occasions.

Performance Girls Altarun C1 Sneakers

A girl’s sneakers priced at 5,739. Material type is top grade mesh, while closure type is hook and loop/back strap.

Men’s Essential VS Pace Shoes

The price range is between 3190-3799. Closure type is Lace-up, material is synthetic leather and it has rubber soles for comfortable balance.

Adidas Men’s Cotton Sweatshirt

This made in India round neck, full-sleeved shirt is made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester. It is priced in 1619 and is great for casual outings.

Dynamic Pulse Eau De Toilette for Men

This 100ml bottle of goodness is inspired by high-intensity sports/activities. It is designed to give you confidence all day long. Originally priced at 799 but has a 20% discount. Meaning you can buy at 638.

  • Top-quality material.
  • Sport, exercise, or leisure purposes.
  • Guaranteed warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Durability.
  • High technology.
  • Innovative designs.

Note: follow up on reviews and compare different sellers to avoid buying pirated Adidas products.

Adidas FAQs

1. Are Adidas products manufactured in India?

Some of them are. E.g., the Adidas Men’s Cotton Sweatshirt

2. What Adidas India shoes are good for running?

There are hundreds of Adidas shoes you can buy for running purposes. An example is Adidas Men’s Essential VS Pace Shoes.

3. Are Adidas shoes good for standing all day?

Yes, some Adidas shoes are specially made to suit people whose job requires them as they stand for time. A good example is the Adidas Originals Women’s Court Vantage Sneakers.

4. Is Adidas India promo code available?

Yes, the promo code is easily available. However, you can also use the codes and discounts available on their official website.

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