Quick Summary: In this article, Lopamudra Banerjee shares 5 of her favorite products. She is another Instagram content creator to watch out for in 2022

By now it’s no secret that we are scouting Instagram to find some real gems. Great quality content turns us on. While there is no dearth of content creators on Instagram or other social media platforms, it is always interesting to discover and find channels that are producing good quality content in a consistent manner.

Lopamudra Banerjee is a fitness influencer or nutritionist on Instagram to watch out for in 2022 and beyond.

She is an Indian National residing in Singapore. She is extremely passionate about fitness. She is a certified nutritionist and the wonder woman behind World of WOW Fitness. World of WOW Fitness services revolves around three pillars of women’s health – hormonal health, yoga, and weight loss.

Lopa is a Nutritionist On Instagram To Watch Out For In 2022. Do follow her on Instagram. 

We reached out to Lopa to know what are her top recommendations or favorite products. Here’s what she said.

Sports Bra from LuLu Lemon. According to Lopa, “They are very comfortable for both gymming and Yoga. If you are in India, you could also opt for Under Armour Sports Bra.”

Avene is her favorite sunscreen. According to her, it has a very high protection SPF50 sunblock and it’s ideal for her long walks in the sun and for daily use.


NutriBullet 900 series. Lopa quips I cannot think of my life without this. Nutribullet is my daily breakfast partner for making smoothies.


Yakult Probiotic. Lopamudra considers this as a must-have for a daily dose of probiotics. Yakult is readily available in any supermarket or any medical store.

Lopa prefers Lush Protein Collagen Glow. She says, “I take it daily for skin, hair, and for my joint health”.  According to her, an alternate option is vital proteins collagen peptides unflavored powder.


Which is your favorite product?

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Author: Swati Gauba

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