Must Buys For Redecorating House On Budget

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Gone are the days when house decoration was an annual affair. We're in the era of social media and seasonal decor! So it is expected that every time a festival comes by, we are on our toes looking for fresh ideas on how to do up our space. It's true! Today, no one needs an occasion or reason to go for a mini makeover. But are pressures and expenses that come along with redecorating playing havoc on your excitement?

Well, the good news is that frequent makeovers will no longer burn a hole in your pocket. And with our help, ideas are only a click away.

Here are some smart home décor shopping ideas that will get you excited and bring out the creative part of you.


Wall Decals – You don’t have to go through the hassle of expensive paints, noxious fumes and more to give your wall a makeover. Simply stick on a wall decal and your wall becomes a feature wall in no time. Magic!



Changing lamps makes a huge difference to your house. Pendant style ceiling lamps are the latest rage, so get your hands on some and light up those cozy corners the right way.




Paintings, Wall Clocks - The set of 2 wall arts and 1 analog clock is perfect if you are looking for a modern yet contemporary look. They go together so well, it is almost a no-brainer! It will make your wall look like you've spent months collecting pieces for it. 



Cushions – Abstract pattern cushion covers can completely change the look of your abode. They are like a dash of spice to any dish. Changing cushion covers often can be a quick fix way of getting a new look without having to spend an arm and a leg.




Nothing else completes a room like a rug. This essential piece of home furnishing adds the much-required coziness, warmth, and comfort to your room. They aren’t too expensive and you can consider changing them often for a fresh look





What’s not in fashion –

Here is a list of home décor items that you shouldn’t be investing your time or money on.

Indoor fountains are passé. There was a time when the indoor fountain was considered a big deal but nowadays it seems very old school to have a small indoor fountain.

Personalized cushions are considered to be a cute gifting option but off late they’ve become a major turn off. Don't you think?

There are some ideas that are better left behind in the 80's and 90's.

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