Looking for the best phone to capture fantastic selfies? Phones have come a long way, but have you ever noticed how we keep wanting and expecting more and more out of them? And why not! It is an essential gadget that has made our lives so much easier. Connectivity, preserving memories, finding your way, shopping and more. Our lives revolve around the phone. But if selfies are your main jam, we cannot wait to recommend a phone that takes selfie taking very very seriously.
Since we know that gadgets are an extension of self and it is not easy to find something cool and quirky that performs. We took it upon us to find something that is a perfect balance between a good looking phone (because, priorities!) with features that are just perfect for someone who loves to take pictures.

Our search expedition lead us to That Boho Girl’s review of Vivo V7 Energetic Blue  and we have decided to give this a try.

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Author: Team Hoppingo