You’ve managed to secure a reservation at that superb restaurant, you’ve placed your order at their favourite florist and, after plenty of deliberation, you’ve settled on the perfect gift that shows just how much you care.
But have you decided on what you are going to wear? Dressing up well for a special day is equally important. Dress in a fashion that will impress your beloved. It’s all about making sure that you dress both stylishly and appropriately for whatever you’ve got planned.
Worry not, we have here for you 7 super stylish outfits that will impress the girl you like:

Don’t go over the top. It’s not your wedding! A stylish shirt and a pair of denims with sneakers will work just fine

2. Add a bomber jacket to bring the fashion quotient up a notch. Comfortable, cool and effortless, the bomber has been adopted by casual wear lovers for generations.

3. Wear a suit with a henley T-Shirt, if you want to keep it casual. A long-sleeved Henley makes an effective layering piece

4. To look different than usual, wear a plaid shirt with a pair of chinos. A plaid shirt is the ideal solution for guys who are keen to introduce a little more visual interest to their casual looks

5. Rock the ever versatile denim in style. When done well, double denim is actually quite a classic, stylish and masculine way of dressing.

6. If you really want to wear a suit, wear it without a tie.

7. The one thing that always impresses a girl – a leather jacket. A well-made leather jacket is an essential addition to a man’s wardrobe because it will never go out of style

“Dressing well is a form of good manners” – Tom Ford

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