Home Essentials If You Are Planning To Create A Couple’s Pad

Swati Gauba

The Internet is full of couple goals these days! Al though inspiration is all around, sometimes you just need a quick nudge and a curated list to get you started.

Planning to create a couple pad for you and your partner? It’s a different energy when you build your own nest. For starters, decluttering and minimalism is the name of the game at the moment. You’d want to equip your house with all essential home gadgets but when it comes to furniture and home décor, start by thinking of a theme. Let’s say, you pick up Scandinavian as your theme. This theme is very popular with couples.

The scandinavian style combines modern, light-colored wood furniture with a neutral color palette to create a feeling of space and serenity. Think clean, crisp hues: light shades of greens and blues, off-white and natural light wood tones

The whole idea is to keep things calm and sophisticated, reflecting the tranquility of the Scandinavian landscape. I can almost visualize the pad already! Can you?

The newly open Ikea store would definitely be ideal for building the nest. However it’s only accessible to folks in Hyderabad currently.










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