A home can say a lot about you, so don’t let it give off a vibe that says it doesn’t get enough attention. Everyone from fashion to Fengshui experts say that a home can have a big role to play in your overall wellbeing and happiness. So let’s play house all over again, make one small change at a time and end up with the home of our dreams!
When we think of changing something in the house, we often think furniture. But what if we suggest you change up an entire wall? Yes, wall panels can add a whole lot of character to an otherwise blank canvas begging for attention.

A home should be your kingdom and make you feel welcome and relaxed. And every king/queen needs a throne, right? That is where wing chairs come in. A nice set of a chair and an ottoman can turn any corner into your favorite. We suggest each home has at least one such corner.

If you’ve got some space in your bedroom or some nice open spaces in a big balcony, then we suggest turning it into your own private lounge. Place some beautiful accent chairs there and reserve them for your daily morning coffee with a loved one. Bliss!

Why not get a little oriental and bring in some low seating into the home? They look so chic and can be so much fun to use, you’ll want to drink extra teas and coffees during the day just to get to sit on them and perhaps even start a game of scrabble!

A great way to bring beauty into the home is to light it well. Invest in some beautiful lighting solutions and you’ll know why we used the word invest instead of buy. Yes, your home can turn into a sanctuary with the right kind of lights.

Bring luxury into the bathroom by bringing in bathroom accessories that truly uplift the entire space. Don’t be one of those who neglect this area, a beautiful bathroom is definitely something you’ll be proud of! If you can, we suggest even changing the fixtures in addition to bringing in attractive accessories.

A lovely rug or carpet can add much needed color to an otherwise monochromatic space. Bring a gorgeous rug into the home and find yourself being drawn to it!

If you like working with what you’ve got, then may we suggest some painting jobs! You could paint one of your doors a bright color, or paint them all dark and deep. You could even have your ceiling painted if you are feeling a little adventurous. Or pick a wallpaper that’s 20% wallpaper and 80% art to live in a truly unique home.
Whatever you do, make sure you have a plan and theme in mind to ensure that no matter how slowly you make these changes, once you get there your home will look like a masterpiece! So get thinking and don’t forget to invite us over for some coffee!
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