You’ve made your list and checked it twice, and got the perfect presents for your family and friends. However, it’s time to turn the tables on giving and pick up a few gifts just for you.
Christmas is all about the spirit of giving. This 25th December, don’t just be someone else’s Santa Claus, treat yourself too. While giving back to the ones you love is wonderful, it’s okay to give back to yourself as well. Because let’s face it, you deserve it. So get ready to treat yourself.
As we thought more about it, we came up with some fantastic ideas to celebrate Christmas and have a brilliant end to this Year. Here are a few things we know we would splurge on this Christmas:

1. Knit cardigan/sweaters – I‘m a big fan of cozy knits when it comes to winters. I have always bought something Christmassy to wear.

2. Wines and champagnes – Ever heard of Christmas without the classic champagne or the traditional Red Wine?

3. Wrapping Paper – Being an art junkie I love customized and printed wrapping paper because they give that little extra touch to gifts and what’s Christmas if not for gifts?

4. Body care products: Once the winters are here, these are some things that you will always find in my bag. Absolutely adorable products.

5. Stationary:  Even though we all are digital addicts, we should definitely try our hands on some cute stationary

6. Calligraphy pen set: Being a design and art geek, these are a few things I cherish and buying stationery is one of my favourite things to do.

7. Scented candles: Christmas decorations are amiss without some lovely candles. Romantic set ups or family time, these work perfectly.

8. Pajamas: One of my favourite things to do this festive season is to snuggle up with some hot coffee or hot chocolate and read a book or have your close friends over and dig into those old memories.

9. Cook Book: Desserts are the life of Christmas celebrations and if you have same cooking skills as I do, here’s what I’m planning to buy!

10. Bag: So, I tend to be the typical girl who obsesses over bags and honestly, classic bags are my weakness. Go ‘vintage’ with this rustic brown leather bag. I know I am.

11. Chocolates/cookies/baked love: Although I would agree that this season you should try your hand at making some of these loves yourself, I’m not going to lie, I love gorging on these hampers if I spot any. After all, you know my relation with my kitchen.

12. Compact quick makeup set – A Christmas special makeup kit, that is apt and perfect for on-the-go requirements because you’ll always find me on the move and often in need of this. How did I never find this before?

Some other very cute gifts

These ideas are just inspiration. The most important thing is to give gifts that will make you happy.

Author: Team Hoppingo