Ghar ka khana is simply impossible to replace. But if you have been guilty of holding back your gratitude and compliments for the world’s best chef, your mom, then we have a very unique way of addressing this. Sometimes actions speak more than words and gifting your mom something that shows your appreciation can make her feel truly valued.
Most of our mums rule the kitchen. They spoil us by fulfilling our never-ending food cravings even at odd hours.
Like most Indians, I am guilty of asking my mum to cook me a meal after returning from a wedding. I can imagine a lot of heads nodding to this in agreement.
Don’t wait for her birthday, anniversary or mother’s day…just surprise her with this quirky signage and bring a smile on her face, today!
Gift her this very quirky signage or even better put it up on the door of your kitchen and surprise her.

Some other gifts that she will love

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Author: Team Hoppingo