Looking for Foundation for Dusky Indian Skin Tone? We’ve got you some great recommendations from Sathyapriya. Featured in iDiva’s list of “top Indian dusky YouTubers that must be followed “, Sathyapriya needs no introduction for makeup enthusiasts. This gorgeous dusky beauty can draw her attention towards you in seconds with her looks, skills, and knowledge.

In fact, calling her an absolute boon for makeup struggles faced by dusky women in India would be an understatement. She’s a pure goddess when it comes to choosing and suggesting the right makeup, especially for dusky skin. Sathyapriya actually understands how to use cosmetics to modify a face, and her abilities are undeniably impressive.

She gives all the tricks you need to look “lifted” and Snapchat, from color correction and concealment to intricate eyeshadow looks. If you too want to get an insight into her makeup skills, mentioned below is the list of the best foundations for dusky skins available in India by Sathyapriya.

In this list, Sthyapriya has mentioned only the products that best cater to dusky or deeper Indian skin tones, which she personally prefers and loved for different reasons.

The next thing that she emphasized was the availability of the products in the Indian market. If you too have been looking for the perfect foundation that matches your dusky complexion, then here are the top picks by makeup guru, Sathyapriya.


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Foundation for Dusky Indian Skin Tone – Maybelline Fit me! Matte + Poreless Foundation

Shade: Classic Tan

Price: INR 559

The very first recommendation by Sathyapriya is Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation in Classic Tan shade. Along with the quality of the product, she went “yay” on the packaging factor, as it comes with a pump tube which makes it easily dispensable.

She further assures that the product is good for all skin types, and gives medium to full coverage. With one layer you can get the medium coverage, while with building up you can get the fuller coverage. She looked totally smitten by the matte finish of the product and stated that this product comes in various other shades that one can choose from for deeper skin tones.

Foundation for Dusky Indian Skin Tone- Nykaa Skin Shield Anti-Pollution Foundation

Shade: 13 Foxy Chestnut

Price: INR 799

This product comes in a tube and is somewhere between matte and dewy. This means it has the mattifying properties and at the same time sheen of dewy. Sathyapriya, later mentioned that this foundation works wonders on her oily skin, and anyone with oily skin wanting a matte yet dewy finish can go for this product.

It gives you medium to full coverage and comes in a tube. Its packaging is easy to dispense, yet some foundation sticking to the cap can irritate you a bit. The foundation has smooth properties and gives a blurry and flawless effect to the skin, and lasts really long.

Foundation for Dusky Indian Skin Tone – Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation

Shade:  F12.5l

Price: INR 1450

This foundation comes in a glass bottle with a dough foot applicator, which makes it really easy to apply and you can dot it all over your skin. The best part? Even a single layer of the foundation can give full coverage and it’s long-lasting on oily skin while giving you the flawless blurry effect.

This product is primarily recommended for special occasions where you want your foundation to last longer. Also, Sathyapriya suggests that if you have dry skin, it would be good to apply a thick and nourishing moisturizer on your skin before applying the foundation as it’s quite matte.

Foundation for Dusky Indian Skin Tone – NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation

Shade:  16 Mahogany

Price: INR 1300

Sathyapriya introduced this foundation as a full coverage one like The Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation. She says that it’s super easy to dispense the foundation and can give you full coverage in a single layer. Later she explains that it gives you a porcelain dull skin effect and can not be used as a daily routine.

You can use the foundation on special occasions. One thing that she emphasized was, the unavailability of the Mahogany shade in the Indian market meanwhile, which she later countered with an option of getting the same product in the Caramel shade. She said both the shades are quite similar and if you can’t find Mahogany, Caramel will work just fine.


Foundation for Dusky Indian Skin Tone – Color Bar Foundation

Shade: FW 8.2

Price: INR 995

Sathypriya confessed that she is in looovveeee with this foundation! She explains that this foundation is extremely light, and gives medium to full coverage. She further tells the viewers that even if you have applied a single layer of the foundation, no one can even notice it. Moreover, it has a golden yellow tone with a satin-matte finish.

This product is a pure goddess look! It just blends with the texture of your skin, it’s lightweight and will feel as if you haven’t applied anything on the skin.  Talking about its smoothness, Sathapriya seemed bound to justify that particular property with the statement, “it’s very very very smooth”. Hence, this product can be your perfect pick for daily wear along with the party look.

Foundation for Dusky Indian Skin Tone – LA Girl Pro Illuminating Foundation

Shade: Bronze

Price: INR 1250

It’s the HD foundation and is the most dubious among all on the list! Hence, if you have dry skin or mixed skin that gets dry during a specific time of the year this product is pure bliss for you. However, people with oily skin won’t appreciate it much. The foundation has a golden-yellow undertone that settles well after a while, and if you are looking for a glass-like effect on your face then this product is a must for you.

Even if you have oily skin, you will be in love with the glass finish it gives. The foundation gives you medium to full coverage and comes in easily dispensable pump packaging.

Foundation for Dusky Indian Skin Tone – LA Girl Pro Matte HD Foundation

Shade: Cafe

Price: INR 1250

This edition of LA Girl is for oily skin. However, it is not as grippy as the NYX foundation yet can give you a soft matte effect and blends well with the skin without any issue. It gives you medium to full coverage with the soft blurry look and is extremely long-lasting (expressing in Sathyapriya’s style, “very very very long lasting’).  Moreover, it doesn’t look artificial and makes you pull the natural look like a pro.

la Girl Pro Matte

LA Girl Pro Matte HD Foundation

Hope you liked this shoppable story covering Foundation for Dusky Indian Skin Tone.

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