What’s your favourite clothing pattern? Floral, polka dot, stripes, animal print or paisley?
The clothing pattern that you like the most says a lot about you.
Prints and fashion are inseparable and like fashion, prints are seasonal too. Did you think the pineapple print would stay trendy forever? But there are some prints that refuse to go out of style and these are the prints that keep coming back year after year, decade after decade. And since they have been around forever, we have all picked out our favorites, haven’t we?

1. If you love your floral, well you are one of the most feminine and fun people around. Open to new experiences with loads of friends in tow, the floral girl rules the socials.

2. If you are a stripes fan all the way, you’re a smart one! A slimming effect is guaranteed but research suggests that those who love horizontal stripes have an extremely high sense of self. Awesome!

3. And those who dig vertical stripes are ambitious lasses who aren’t afraid of going after exactly what they want! Fierce!

4. If you are team polka dot, then you are a feisty personality who loves to multi-task. Playful and energetic, you love polka dots in all its forms and combinations.

5. Those who love animal prints are supposed to be powerful leaders who are also extremely creative. No wonder we see all those pink and green zebra stripes and neon snakeskin, it’s to satisfy the creative urges of all the animal print fans.

6. If paisley is your poison, it says that you are a traditionalist at heart who believes in the good ol’ days and secretly wishes she were born in the glamorous bygone eras.

Whichever classic print is your favorite, we hope you found something to resonate with. And if you are a vertical stripe loving go-getter but want to add a bit of creativity to your wardrobe, embrace the animal print! It is sure to inspire something wonderful. We encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and let a different part of your personality through once in a while.

Author: Team Hoppingo