We always struggle to find that right gift. To make your job a bit easy, we’ve curated an eco friendly stationary kit.
This statonary pack consists of one plantable hand made seed notepad, one recycled plantable seed box of 10 Pencils, one recycled newspaper box of 10 pencils, one jute bag.


This stationary kit has products that are made from 100% recycled paper which results in reduction of cutting of trees. We are loosing the art of handwriting to laptops and technological devices and gifting a pencil will ensure that art is never lost. These pencils are certified 2B Lead. The plantable pencils and notepad cover has seeds that can be sowed or planted to help serve the environment
This stationary kit is totally non toxic, safe and environment friendly.
An ideal gift for everyone – students, office goers and entrepreneurs who care for the environment

Author: Team Hoppingo