Online Shopping For Diwali

Diwali is one of the popular festivals of India. It marks the victory of good over evil- and this year, amidst the pandemic, we are rooting for the good to prevail, like always! Online Shopping For Diwali has now become very popular in India. It is not just convenient but also safe to order online.

Diwali is celebrated with great enthusiasm in every corner of the country. Though, they say, Diwali is a Hindu festival, yet people across all religions and races come together to celebrate the abundance of prosperity and happiness every year. It is believed that on Diwali day, Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, blesses you in the form of money, gold, gifts, etc. Therefore, shopping during this season is inevitable which builds the momentum of this auspicious day of the year.

Diwali will knock on our doors on November 14th this year and thoroughly we have plenty of time for festive preparation. There was a time when we used to run along all the shops across our locality to get the best accessories, but now, those days are gone! With everyone at home, most companies are adapting to the online convenience and selling – using which you can get all the Diwali props delivered to your doorstep within days.

Team Hoppingo has decided to put together the most extravagant Shopping Guide for Diwali 2020.

If you feel we have missed something, feel free to reach out to us to include your product.

Diwali Decorations

Everything is Internet – worthy nowadays, most of you might be looking for more creative and enlightening ways to make this Diwali- pure bliss. Online Shopping For Diwali is not a chore but a fun way to be part of the festivities.

Lighting Diyas, making Rangoli designs, lighting up lanterns in the evenings are some of the usual ways of tuning into the celebratory aura.  You can always mix two or three ideas together and come up with something excitingly unique. Let’s tune into the festive vibes, and start decorating!

  1. Diyas & Candles

Earthen Diyas are the basics for Diwali – they look simple yet so classic and can spruce up your space within minutes. If you can arrange these in unique patterns before lightening them up, then that is lit. Also, electric diyas are a good substitute if you are living in a breezy environment. Don’t worry, if you think Diyas are traditional for you- we have got candles for you that are equally versatile and can blend in with every vibe. Candles being available in various shapes, sizes, aroma, and materials bring a beautiful aura to the surrounding with their light. Indeed, you can pick the perfect type that will suit your decor need. Also, do give floating candles a try this year, as they give a distinctive touch to the decor.


  1. Rangolis

Rangolis at the doorstep really completes your Diwali décor and provides the glam feeling. You can use vibrant colors and a bunch of flowers to create various patterns. Of course, intricate patterns might not be suitable for everyone, then you can turn to patterned sieves available in the market, to make the process way easier.

Rangoli set

  1. Lights & Lanterns

Diwali is the “Festival of Lights” so lanterns or fairy lights are always in the line to enhance the decor and brighten your home. Fairy lights look astonishing too, and you just pick a spot and light up. They will even look good in a leftover glass bottle. Lanterns, on the other hand, add beauty to the festive and more traditional touch to your decor. You can purchase them ready-made or create your own.

fairy lights

  1. Wall Hangings

Torans, also known as Bandanwar are wall hanging that add a different essence to the decor. They are also considered as an auspicious decor element for Diwali. These are usually decorated with mango leaves and marigold flowers. Hang them outside your main entrance along with lights, and let it spread the festive vibrant.

Flower hangings add a special level of culture to your home during Diwali. While a variety of flowers are available in the market, it is the marigold flower that signifies this occasion. You can either pick fresh ones from the market or use the artificial ones, both tend to do justice to the decor. These can hang at your entrance with the Torans or be used as a backdrop at home. If you are not a fan of garlands, loose flowers can be used to enhance your Rangoli decor, or can just be plucked and put in water, giving a floating effect.

Ethnic Wear

  1. Women

What you wear brings out your personality, and who you are on the inside! Your perfect Diwali outfit reflects your style, beauty, and happiness. Most women choose traditional ethnic wear for the occasion which syncs with the spirit of the festival. Decked up in salwar suits, Chanya cholis, ghagras, and shararas, flamboyant skirts, or majestic sarees. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, exquisite, and perhaps exclusive too, look no further.

  1. Men

When it comes to flaunting your fashion statement, it is not restricted to traditional anymore – especially in menswear. Style pointers range from short kurtas, Nehru jackets, bandis, bandhalas, and many more.

  1. Children

While adults love to flaunt their best outfit during Diwali, they also want their Lil’ ones to look trendsetting and stylish.



  1. Accessories (Footwear, Jewelry & Other)

As important it is to pick out a perfect ethnic outfit for Diwali it is equally necessary to match the perfect accessories with it. From footwear to a nose ring, your attire is not complete without adding these perky little items. We are here with the selective list of props that you will love to try and these will definitely win your hearts.




Hair Accessory




Diwali Gifts

Diwali is one of the most awaited festivals of the year. Online Shopping For Diwali is incomplete without Diwali gifts. From younger to older, everybody loves the festival of lights, sweets, and gifts. This also means showing your love and appreciation towards your near and dear ones by giving away gifts. We all know, it is a tedious task and we have thus put together a huge list of options for you.


Other Important Things


Puja Thali

Puja item for diwali

Puja Thali set

Aroma Oil Burner

Lakshmi & Ganesh Idol

Silver Coins








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