Quick Summary: In this article, Prashansa shares 6 of her favorite home decor products. She is another Instagram content creator to watch out for in 2022

At the beginning of this year, we made it our mission to hunt for digital content creators to watch out for in 2022.

Presenting another to be celebrated home decor blogger, Prashansa. She is the home decor blogger or digital content creator to watch out for in 2022. Her Instagram feed is inspiring with some great ideas.

Prashansa started her journey as a content creator in 2021 but her content is already winning hearts. She loves creating colorful spaces and memories. She also enjoys creating valuable DIY items. Don’t forget to check out her DIY Pine Cone Candle Holder.

Prashansa shares with us her absolute favorites and we can’t help but share these with you. Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram

Without further ado, let’s have a look at her top 6 recommendations that will enhance your personal space without digging deep into your pocket.

  1. Orange Floor Lamp from Pepperfry

According to Prashansa, ” This lampshade with its bright chrome color adds to the chic look of my living room. The stand is 3 tiered which gives me some more space for small plants and candles which is always welcoming”.

2. Large sized cushions 

As per Prashansa, “A trick to make small rooms look large- do a floor seating setup with large vibrant patterned cushions. These cushions break the color monotony of my neutral room and add a perfect seating for the nighttime reading.”

3. Decoration Ball Light

Prashansa said, “I have always been on a lookout for lights that add to my decor not just at night but also during the day. The boho thread work on these bulb lights gives a countryside decor look during the day with beautiful fairy lights at night.”

4. Ceramic Serving Bowls

According to Prashansa, “After a log hectic day, we all need some unwinding. Delicious meals in beautiful ceramic bowls is the perfect mood uplifter. This multipurpose bowl has been an eye-catcher at every home gathering I had!

5. Planter from Indian Gifts Portal

As per Prashansa, “I am a plant lover but too lazy to manage high maintenance plants. So I am always looking for low-maintenance plants which stay happy and healthy with just a little water and sunlight. This plant from igp has been with me for 4 years now and has always been this happy!! Look at the planter pot in the shape of the hand. Perfect decor artifact for any corner of the room.”

Planter on Amazon


6. Planner from June Shop

Prashansa quipped, “I am trying to follow my passion for decor with a full-time corporate job. Now, this needs serious planning on a daily level. This planner from June shop India allows me to not just plan my daily routine but also set goals, track progress, and celebrate wins along the way!! My go-to thing every morning.”

Planner from June Shop

We’ve discovered some very quick ways to make an Instagrammable abode. Which is your favorite product? Share with us in the comments below.

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