If you follow us on social, you will know we have a segment called product of the day where our curators pick one product that they absolutey fell in love with while browsing online. They do the due dilligence before recommending the product. Here’s a list of all products that were a hit at Hoppingo headquarters in December 2019. Our followers absolutely loved these products.
1. Gold leaf platter made of aluminium.
It is scratch-proof and will last for a long time. Beautiful, durable and will impress your special guest. Adds elegance to your kitchen, bar, bedroom, dining area, family room, patio, garden, tea or coffee lounge. It is also an excellent gift for house warming or anniversary.Seller can pack it nicely in gift wrapping along with special gift card.

2. Spot Patch is a new and refreshing way to battle those pimples without harsh chemicals.
If you are suffering with acne, do not hesitate for even one moment to buy these little suckers!

Got an interview and feeling under-confident because of that pimple? Got a social gathering to attend and you feel embarrassed about the pesky pimple? Our editors have really worked hard to find this hidden gem that can be the answer to all your pimple worries.

3. Food Huggers – Hugging is a silent way of saying – you matter to me.
Our food matters the most to us. Protect and preserve your leftover fruits and veggies with these amazing food huggers. They are also great for covering opened cans or jars.

4. Unique Magnetic CLEAN & DIRTY Sign Indicator – It’s a simple utility product that can be used on dishwasher to indicate Clean or Dirty and avoid any confusion. Those who own a dishwasher often get confused and this is a slick solution to indicate Clean/Dirty.

5. Bodum Insulated Stainless-Steel Coffee and Tea Mug – Start 2020 with being more environmentally friendly – susbstitute your morning coffee in paper cups for this amazing travel cup! It is ideal for drinking on the move and grabbing your perfect cuppa from your favourite coffee shop!

6. Silicone Stretch Lids – Seal lid set keeps food fresh longer and prevents spills. They fit directly over bowls, jar lids, and hot food items too.
These extra thick silicone covers are durable and will not tear or warp.

7. 12 Knife Shaped Gel pens – Easy to write with and modeled to look like swords, these pen sets have everything you need to remodel your school supply materials. The use of cap design effectively protects the refill, to prevent accidentally damage the refill. Excellent return gifts

8. Posture Corrector – Say goodbye to back pain and hello to a better posture with our product of the day. Long working hours and sedentary lifestyle leads to incorrect posture that in turn affects our health. Suitable for: Working, Walking, Exercising and Relaxing! Fit for men and women. Fully adjustable, comfortable and easy to wear. Lightweight, Easy to carry and Easy to Wash.

9. Medicine Organizer –
Organize and plan your medicine or vitamins for each day of the week with this amazing pill organizer. Inside the Pill Pro are 7 portable trays, one for every day of the week. When you pull the day’s tray out of the bottom of the Pill Pro, the next tray slides down into place. You could repeat this every single day! What’s even better? Each day of the week is clearly marked and has four compartments for separating pills or organizing them by time of day – Morning, Noon, Evening, Bed.

10. Unique Card For Pizza Lovers – Present your beloved one with lots of love and laughter on their birthday with this unique pizza theme birthday greeting card.

11. Protein Bakeshop Truffles – Newly available in India – these fabulous treats fulfill your sugar craving whilst using the healthiest ingredients. Each bite provides a wholesome of goodness. They are my go to if I want a dessert or even snack guilt-free.

12. Magic Tablet Coin Tissue – Just add water and watch the magic unfold. It is a unique environment-friendly product. Offer your guest this innovative compressed tablet tissue that will expand into a full size napkin when a little water is added, which changes the common use of a napkin into an entertaining experience.

13. Decorative Owl Cushion – These eye-catchy & huggable owl cushion will up your house because they are different and creative. Moreover,  owl symbolizes luck. Bring these cushions home so that you can bring in luck in 2020 and beyond.

14. Desktop planter – You think your office desk is boring? We’ve got something amazing for you. There is a drainage hole on the bottom of the vase,which makes the plant stay healthy. it is a perfect gift and super stylish to be placed on your workstation.

15. Notebook in Natural Shade Paper – We absolutely love stationary and this one is just too cute to ignore. It is a high quality notebook that can be used to take notes in 2020. It is stylish and an absolute must buy if you love buying stationary just like us.

16. Dark Brown Poop Cushion. The most innovative seat cushions you have ever seen. Express yourself with these crazy and fun emoticons.Perfect high quality lint-free cushion. It is extremely soft and has no odour.

17. Colorbar Cosmetics Oh So Happy Lippy – Happy Lippy makes a claim of increasing happiness by 2.8X in 30 minutes. Watch the video to see whether it made Sonata aka Sonteshwari happy!Apparently their magical happiness complex is packed with magical ingredients which produce serotonin naturally, the happy chemical that contributes to wellbeing and happiness in the human body.

18. Stasher Bag – A FABULOUS alternative to single-use plastic bags, Stasher bags are great for travel. As they are available in a variety of sizes, you can easily find a bag that fits your needs—whether you want a place to hold your snacks, tech, or toiletries. It is a daily go-to to pack for one of our curators.

19. Beeswax Wrap – The Beeswax wrap is a natural alternative to food storage – they are re-usable and made of pure cotton and natural beeswax. Beeswax contains anti bacterial and anti fungal properties making it the perfect solution for natural and sustainable food storage.
Our curator Sashena, uses it mainly to wrap her cheese and the ½ cut avocado..

20. Sphere ice molds – Want to feel fancy and jazz up your drinks? Check out these ice sphere molds. They’re perfect for adding to cocktails without watering them down.. a constant staple in freezer for the week-end nightcaps!

21. Plush Sleep Mask – The eye mask is suitable for home, office, travel, etc. The cute cartoon designed eye mask is so lovely and unique and allows you to feel like a unicorn. You can be a unicorn in 2020 simply by buying this unicorn mask from Amazon.

22. Super cute baby flannel jumpsuit panda style – this adorable comfortable and breathable jumpsuit was loved by our editors. It can be hand washed or machine washed. It has a zipper for easy diaper change.

23. Multipurpose Utility Table – It is certainly a product that can improve your life. It is an extremely comfortable table for laptop usage,having food and other purposes. Easy to adjust height and angles to your comfort and also very easy to carry, easy to store, strong and sturdy!

24. Habit Tracker – Come 2020, we all will be making resolutions and this habit tracker can actually help us form better habits and keep up with our resolutions. It is psychologist approved. It follows a unique and innovative approach because of which results are guaranteed.

25. Centy Toys Ambassador Taxi – Nostalgia is a great thing. Our product of the day is Centy Toys Ambassador Taxi! This “kali pili” taxi is the best form of nostalgia for millennials and beyond. Before Uber and Ola took over us, this taxi was the only form of taxi India knew. It has Open-able door.  It is a pull back action toy.

26. Unique tooth shaped planters – You could buy it for yourself or gift it to a dentist friend ? There are many other cute animal planters available but this one is absolutely unique. Great for the home, garden, patio, office or car.

27. BEARDO for Men Lip Balms – Men are more prone to chapped and dry lips because of their inherent rough and tough nature and approach to skincare. Don’t neglect your lips, lads! Beardo lip balm corrects chapped and cracked lips. It protects lips from dryness and hydrates lips without tint or gloss. It also relieves dry and flaky smoker lips. Beardo Lip Balm has a nice chocolate and mint fragrance for delicious freshness.

28. Anti Theft Waterproof Backpack – Works well for office goers as well as for trendy college and school students. This backpack will relieve you off stress because it is anti theft and you no longer need to worry about the expensive stuff you are carrying in your bag. It has easy access pockets on the shoulder strap as well on the backside of the bag for quick access to essentials. You can also charge your mobile phone on the go. It comes with seller warranty and replacement guarantee.

29. iShake Ripped Gym Shaker is a unique product that inspires an athelete. A perfect gift for Sports, Fitness & Outdoor enthusiast. This unique shaker recommended for protein drinks at gyms or for energy drinks for outdoor sports. It is also leak proof, sturdy, unbreakable. It is made out of food grade plastic and is bpa free and highly rated on Amazon India.

30. Ottoman – It looks amazing, it is made out of recycled tyre and dyed cotton ropes. And if that isn’t enough it also gives you a storage space below the sitting cushion. It’s a furniture/decor you must add to your place.

31.  Ponchu – This ponchu will keep you comfortable and warm all day long. This Ponchu will fetch you innumerable compliments. The weather is breaking all records and it’s time to buy something warm and stylish. You can layer this with a warm cardigan and wear long boots to look stylish.

32. Body Scrub – Bringing luxurious skin exfoliation at your doorstep with this award winning body scrub. MCaffeine This body scrub has the goodness of Coffee and Coconut and an absolute must-have for all skin types. For all those interested to know finer print details, mCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Body Scrub is Ayush Certified, SLS Free, Clinically Tested, Cruelty-Free, Paraben Free. Go grab today while sipping coffee.

We hope you loved our December 2019 Shopping Haul. These products were featured as product of the day in December. They enjoyed the spotlight for a day. Product Of The Day is our segment where we track all the best consumer product breakthroughs to show you what’s fresh, what’s trending and how these products can improve your life.
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