Ballerina Shoes Curated from Amazon

Comfortable, versatile, practical and fashionable – this is how we can classify ballerina shoes. Inspired by the slippers worn by ballet dancers, ballet shoes are extremely comfortable and are a must-have in every wardrobe. They are a no-fuss solution to feeling polished and pulled together while on the go.

Ballerina shoes are super comfortable and an evergreen trend that can be worn with casual, semi-formal or even formal wear.

Ballet dances were originally performed with high heels and it was much later that ballerina flats were introduced.  The original high heel ballet shoes worn by ballet dancers were originally found during the later part of 1600’s in France. It wasn’t easy to perform in high heel ballerinas. Footwear designers took a note of this inconvenience faced by ballet dancers and invented ballerinas that were flat.

This led many shoe designers to create different designs of ballerinas that were both convenient and stylish.

Styling Your Ballerina Shoes Correctly

Women love ballerina flat shoes but it is important to know how to style ballerinas to get the perfect look

  • It can be worn with a bohemian maxi dress
  • Ballerina shoes would look amazing with casual shirt and flared jeans
  • They look cute with shorts, skirts and short dresses
  • Ballerinas look super cute when paired with pastel colour clothes
  • Lastly, they work really well with culottes

Choose your favorite from among these affordable options:

At Hoppingo, we’ve curated Ballerina Shoes for Women from Amazon. Our criteria is simple – Highly reviewed, value for money or affordable, stylish and ofcourse comfortable



Ballet flats are a fresh alternative to sandals especially when you’re seeking a bit more polish and elegance.
Please note that the original price is above 1000 INR. However they are all available for below 1000 INR at the time of curation.

Ballerina Shoes – FAQ’s

  • What is a ballerina shoe also called?

Ballerina shoes are also referred to as ballet shoes or ballet flats.

  • How do you style ballet flats?

Ballet flats can be styled in many ways. It can be worn with a bohemian maxi dress or  with casual shirt and flared jeans. They will also look cute with shorts, skirts and short dresses. Ballet flats would also look great with culottes

  • What pants do you wear with ballet flats?

Ballet flats would look amazing with cropped pants, culottes, capris or even with flared denims.

  • Can you wear ballet flats in winter?

They can be worn in winters along with socks and that makes it extremely cozy.

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Author: Team Hoppingo