Colorbar Cosmetics Oh So Happy Lippy Review By Sonata Parashar

Swati Gauba

Join us in welcoming Sonata Parashar as a product curator for Hoppingo. Watch the video at the end of the article where she has reviewed and curated Colorbar Cosmetics Oh So Happy Lippy

Sonata has a great sense of style, she is extremely fun loving and an excellent addition to our product curation panel. You can expect to see more products being curated and reviewed by Sonata.

Her instagram bio reads something like this -

I take pictures

I write stuff

I tell stories

I podcast

I plan events

I like to travel

I have cats ..and her instagram handle is @sonteshwari (just incase you are curious to know who she is :))

She is multi faceted and you can find her podcasts on hubhopper (search by Spanecdotes by Sonata) She is an event management professional and loves shopping online!

SonataCurates will be a regular feature on Hoppingo. In this video, she has reviewed and curated Colorbar Cosmetics Oh So Happy Lippy's claim of increasing happiness by 2.8X in 30 minutes. Watch the video(till the end) to see whether it made Sonata aka Sonteshwari happy!

Apparently their magical happiness complex is packed with magical ingredients which produce serotonin naturally, the happy chemical that contributes to wellbeing and happiness in the human body.

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