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Formal Shirt Designs

Formal shirts are shirts meant for official or non-casual occasions. As opposed to casual shirts formal shirts are reserved for special events such as weddings, balls, (formal) dinners, interviews and events by corporate and international organizations. They are also part of corporate ethics and most office workers wear them at work.



Formal shirts are available for both men and women. While the styles and colour may be slightly different, they serve the same purpose. There are 100+ formal shirt designs and formal pant shirt styles to choose from on online stores in India. The latest trending designs are all available at a click. You’ll also find them at the best prices.

Branded formal shirts for men come from top brands such Van Heusen, Peter England, Ralph Lauren, Levi Strauss, etc. Branded formal shirts for women are also available from some of these brands. But specifically, top brands including Park Avenue Woman, Ombre Lane, Arrow and Anabelle to name a few are your best shot.


India is a very large and culturally diverse nation. The diversity is also obvious in the skin and hair colour. While you should be proud of your skin and hair colour, it is important you understand the basics of colour combination so that you can always look your best.

These are some of the best colours for your formal shirts:

  • Fair skin and light hair – white, light (baby) blue, grey
  • Fair skin and dark hair – white, black, navy (dark blue), maroon (brownish-red)
  • Medium skin and dark hair – white, sky blue
  • Dark skin and dark hair – white, blue, light grey


You’ll notice that white and blue are in all the categories. If the category above seems complex, there is no need to worry. Start with white or light blue. The idea is to find a colour that contrasts with your skin colour, thereafter you can get advanced colour combination as you deem fit. Plain formal shirts with solid colours are also good to start with, thereafter advancing to colour combos and patterns. The occasion also defines the type of colour to wear, ranging from light colours mostly for office workers to classy and darker colours for parties, galas and the likes.


There are long and short sleeves. To look very formal, long sleeves are the best. You can also try out short sleeves especially during India’s hot summer when it’s slightly uncomfortable to be on a long sleeve. There are regular fits, slim fits, and tapered fits. The collar style is also important. A forward point collar is usually the best if you wear a tie. It should be firm and minimal in width. If you don’t usually wear a tie but still want the formal look, try a collar that is a little spread out but still firm. Cuffs are important too. French cuffs are classy and more formal than other types of cuffs and should be your most preferred choice. You should also look at barrel cuffs which varies based on the number of buttons you want.


To get the best out of your formal shirt collections, it is always best to know the best way to maintain them. If you can’t or don’t want to give your shirt to a professional laundry, try out these simple tips as recommended by Real Men Real Style:

  • Wash your cloth in salt water to better retain the colour
  • For your whites, use small quantity of bleach
  • Spread out to air-dry

You should also check for the required heat when ironing. Likewise, check the directions usually taped to the inside of the collar.


  • Question: How do I match formal pants and shirts?
  • Answer:   This largely depends on your understanding of colour combination. Match closely related colours together or colours that blend easily. Ask people around to comment on how you look before going out. Furthermore, beyond pants to your complete attire, understanding of colour contrast is very important.