If you’re looking for the perfect investment shoes, put a pair of simple stilettos at the top of your list. There’s really no other shoe style you can wear to a fancy event, at the office, and during the day while remaining wardrobe and occasion appropriate—the versatility of this footwear is really endless. But sometimes spending a bomb on a single pair of stilettos may discourage you from buying the stunning pair of footwear. Hence our endevour is to get you the most highly reviewed pair of stilettos for the most a price point of less than 1,000 INR

Not only are stilettos easy to style, they also work wonders for a woman’s figure. They add height and also give the appearance of long, lean legs. They make a woman look sexy and sophisticated at the same time. What more can one want of a fashion accessory?

A closet essential for all, be sure to grab your favorite pairs from our curated selection.

This simple pair of footwear can instill amazing confidence in you. They aren’t fun to walk in, so wear them when you need to feel powerful in a situation where you don’t move around too much. These glamorous pair of footwear can add tons of confidence in you. Mind your walk when you are wearing this pair of heels. If it’s not very comfortable, you can even return them. If you are buying it online, make sure you check size in the measurement chart. Black, tan and beige are commonly available colors. They go well with most outfits and hence before buying colored footwear, make sure you have the basic colors.

Commonly asked questions pertaining to Stilettos

  • What is the difference between high heels and stilettos?

The difference between high heels and stilettos is in their heel size. Stilettos generally have thin and long heels and high heels and pumps have wider heels in varying sizes.

  • Who invented stiletto heels?

Shoe designer Roger Vivier, who worked for Christian Dior is credited for inventing the stiletto heel.

  • Are stilettos bad for your feet?

While all high heels can cause problems, the ultra-narrow heels of stilettos are quite risky because the weight is concentrated on one small area.

  • How to walk in stilettos?

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Author: Team Hoppingo