Chumbak Kya Hai

Chumbak ek soch hai. Their products are simple yet innovatively conceptualized and exude a warmth which draws you towards them instinctively. The flavors of a very diverse India are captured beautifully through the vibrant prints and colors which adorn their entire range of products – from home & décor to apparels, accessories and gifting, every Chumbak product reflects a distinct story.  Their range is vast and dynamic – catering to all.

Chumbak Kise Kehte Hain

Chumbak is more than a colorful store – it makes you re-live your ‘Alice in wonderland’ school experience.  Their passion for vibrant designs is something innate and hence they translate that into their products with the utmost spontaneity.  Their approach and their offering carry an honest message. No loud advertising, no verbose descriptors – just lively products to enhance the interiors of any space or individual.  Such is the consistent richness of every product that you would never be able to single out one with a defect or lacking their trademark cheerfulness.

The season of spring ushers in a fresh new start, a new beginning and that is what Chumbak products symbolize – a riot of colors which accompanies the season of Spring.


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Not the kind to follow the sheep, Chumbak is more than an e-store. It’s like family. Their products have a familial touch which others lack. Their products are not pretentious but down-to-earth yet classy enough for you to flaunt. Affordable and attractive Chumbak products have become a hot favorite with all.

Infact, gift a Chumbak product to someone and you may just make a friend for life!

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Author: Swati Gauba

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