Breastfeeding week- 1 August-7 August

World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated to encourage breastfeeding and improve the health of babies around the world. Health professionals recommend exclusive breastfeeding for six months and can be continued for 2 years.

Breastfeeding is also known as nursing. It is the best way to provide young infants with the essential nutrients required for growth and development. World Health Organisation says that breast milk is the ideal food for infants. It is safe, clean, and acts as the babies’ first vaccine, protecting them against many common childhood illnesses.


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Breastfeeding can cause some discomforts like Sore nipples, Painful latch, Leaky breasts and more. Take a look at these nursing accessories that can help you make breastfeeding less painful and more satisfying.


1. Breast Milk Feeding Nipple



2. Nipple Cream

3. Breast Pump

4. Feeding Pillow


5. Flex Breast Pump 

6. Nursing Cover 

7. Nursing Pads


8. Lactation Supplement 


9. Breast Therapy Clothing


Author: Swati Gauba

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