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Everyone loves their skin and wants to take care of them as we do of others. Looking pretty is linked with how you feel about yourself. If you look great you tend to feel more confident. The kind of environment we are living in is definitely not healthy for our skin. So, to take care of your skin you need suitable products which can help out your skin, but with thousands of available products, it ain’t easy for you to pick out the right product. Here we are presenting to you some genuine reviews and suggestions on the best skincare products according to Chetali Chadha.

Chetail Chandha – A Happy Go Lucky Dreamer

A person, full of passion for fashion and beauty, with an abundance of experience, shares her expertise on the social media platform- YouTube. We decided to bring to you the best skincare products according to Chetali Chadha by looking at her recommendations.

Chetali Chadha is a makeup lover, fashion enthusiast, and a trusted product reviewer with 389K subscribers.

She would recommend products on the basis of their effectiveness, suitability for different skin types and does not let the prices of the products – limit or influence her reviews. That’s why we decided to put together the best skincare products according to Chetali Chadha for our readers.

Chetali introduces 28 products that she couldn’t stop using and liked so much that she repurchased most of these products! While she loves to experiment with skincare products – some of them stuck with her for a very long time as they showed great results. That’s the reason they feature in the best skincare products according to Chetali Chadha.

Body Lotions Recommended By Chetali Chadha

Chetali recommends three of her favorite body lotions. They are her favorite and should certainly feature in the best skincare products according to Chetali Chadha.

Just Herbs Cascade Lotion: Face+Body

Price: INR 645/-  100ML (Click below for great discount)

This is a daycare product containing – Aloe Vera, Wheat Germs, Jojoba oil, and Shea butter.

Chetali talks about how she enjoyed using it in the summers and showed such promising results of beautiful hydrating and nourishing of the skin. Though it says it’s for normal to dry skin type, she believes it is for every skin type to use! She almost finished the product and loved it

Who does Chetali highly recommend this product to?

If you are looking for something lightweight because you have dry or sensitive skin and can’t apply a variety of body lotions, surely go for it! Click on the image below to buy.

Just Herbs Cascade Lotion

Just Herbs Cascade Lotion

Nykaa Wanderlust Body Lotion

Price: INR 450/- 300ML

It is an Almond milk body lotion suitable for winters, something a tad bit more nourishing’ according to Chetali.

They even have Body Butter and Body Yogurt. She talks about how she uses Body Butter in winters as it is thicker than the lotion and works dry skin very well, while Body Yogurt is really good for summers, for its hydration and rapid absorption by the skin properties.

So this lotion is not sticky or oily at all after applying it to the skin. It has a beautiful coffee vanilla kind of fragrance relaxing your mind.


Suganda Lactic Acid Body Lotion

Price: INR 650/-  200ML

If you want an exfoliation body lotion this is the right one for you, with 5% Lactic acid- which exfoliates your skin well.

2% Niacinamide,Calendula & Shea butter-  radiating your skin. This product cannot be used on a daily basis. Chetali recommends her viewers to use it not more than twice a week.

Chetali shares her feedback on the product’s packaging:

Due to its thick consistency, you will have to squeeze the bottle hard to get the lotion, adding it could have been better if it were a pumping bottle. But she certainly suggests it for exfoliation purposes.

Skincare Device or Skintech Recommended By Chetali Chadha

Have you ever tried any device for taking care of your skin? If not, Chetali talks about a skincare device she had received in PR last year.  This product certainly features in the best skincare products according to Chetali Chadha.

She used it specifically in winters due to dry skin.

Foreo UFO from Foreo Sweden

A very sophisticated device. Chetali even demonstrates in her video how to use it.

Its purpose is to help you lock the moisture, hydrate, and plump up your skin. Massaging the skin stimulates blood circulation and improves your absorption power helping the skin stay healthy and beautiful!

Why did she recommend this? Because she has been using it for about one and a half years and find it very beneficial. She likes to use it once or twice a week, suggesting others can even use it more regularly. As this device is quite expensive she advises her viewers to think about it before buying the product.






Next, up she talks about the top 3 face washes that she found very useful and effective for their own properties.

Face Wash – Best Skincare Products According To Chetali Chadha

Cleanse Me Face Wash

Price: INR 199/-  125ML

If you have sensitive, acne-prone skin, inflamed-irritated skin, this is definitely a must-go product for you.

It has a balanced PH and is quite suitable for all the different types of skin.

Cosrx Good Morning Gel Cleanser

Price: INR 850/-  150ML

This cleanser is a salicylic-based cleanser, which helps remove the outer layer of the skin. It treats acne and reduces the redness of the skin.

Don’t use them on a daily basis, only once or twice a week or maximum thrice a week, says Chetali.

This product helps Chetali treat the small bumps that she usually gets in summer, adding that it can help others treat tiny acne too.

Too Cool For School Egg-zyme Whipped Foam

Price: INR 1050/- 150ML

If you love foam textures, you would love to try this product because it foams really well. It’s again another exfoliation cleanser and suggested not to use it regularly.

Particularly, people who are regular makeup wearers would find it very beneficial as it extracts every little dirt out of their skin completely.


Now, when we finish washing up our face, most people prefer applying toner over their skin. If you are looking for the right toner for your skin, please continue!

Best Toners According To Chetali Chadha

Cosrx BHA Power Liquid

Price: INR 1590/-  100ML

A lot of people have black and whiteheads, tiny bumps on their skin. And if you are one of them, why not go for this product. Even Chetali discusses how she tends to have black and whiteheads around her nose and chin, Cosrx BHA came to her rescue.

We can call this product 2in1 as it has a serum kind of texture so you do not need serums. It gets absorbed in the skin really well so you won’t have to worry about it

Clinique Moisture Surge Spray

Price: INR 3500/-  150ML

If you are looking for a product that is solely for Hydration, opt for this. It is perfect for dry skin or any skin type. Winters are the best the to use this product effectively,


Once we have washed our faces, put on a toner. Next, we need an Eye Cream which would ease and help your eyes look beautiful. Chetali continues by saying how she constantly tests out eye cream products for puffy eyes, dark circles, and dry under eyes.

Best Eye Creams In Chetali’s Beauty Arsenal

Re’equil Under Eye Cream

Price: INR 550/-  20GMS

This product is said to be mainly focused on reducing the dark circle, hydrating you’re under the eye. It helped Chetali reduce her fine lines and crow’s feet under her eyes.

Definitely, it is amazing in terms of hydrating and moisturizing your eyes and refreshes you. Chetali says it is worth the money and something that surely works.

Klair Nourishing Eye Butter

Price: INR 1670/-  20GMS

Chetali shares how she emptied out the whole tube indicating how useful it must have been. She tells her viewers about her dry eyes that, due to post-pregnancy effects, her eyes were dry, but how it helped her restore them.

Murad Vitamin-C Dark Circle Corrector

Price: INR 5250/-

Chetali shares expensive product reviews because she enjoys being able to reuse these quality products and wants her viewers to enjoy such incredible products.

This product undoubtedly shows results and with regular use, you would be able to see even more changes. So, definitely pick this product up if you find it on sale anytime.


Let’s move on to Face Serums after we have nourished our eyes.

Best Facial Serums According To Chetali

Plum Vitamin C Serum

Price: INR 780/-  30ML

It’s a great product, quite affordable with presentable and wonderful packaging, says Chetali. It shows results with time.

If you are a beginner and looking for a portable face serum, why dont you check this one out!

Deconstruct Brightening Serum

Price: INR 699/-  30ML

It’s a brightening serum, with 10% niacinamide acid and 0.3% Alpha Butane, an awesome combination, with great percentage usage. Chetali says ‘its a very promising product with results’. She really enjoyed using the formulation.

Earth Rhythm Glow Drops

Price: INR 1490/-  30ML

It contains 15% Vitamin-C in the form of ascorbyl, phosphate with etraesoparmitate, and has squalene & caffeine. Another brightening serum. If you are looking for squalene+Vitamin-C in winters for dry skin go for this. Make sure to use it at night for better effectiveness.

Estee Lauder ANR

Price: INR 2500/-  100ML

A very popular and incredible product. Chetali loved this product so much that she finished two bottles of it already and is on her third one. IT calms your skin, has Hyaluronic acid which hydrates the skin.

If you are looking for something High-end and luxurious, this is the right one for you. She calls the drops of this product “drops of gold” due to its high price.

What do you do next once you have finished with the above steps of the skincare routine, moisturize!

Best Moisturizers According To Chetali

Most of the moisturizers mentioned below are for winters.

Aveeno Baby Smooth

Price: INR 988/-  227GMS

Chetali says,” I and my daughter finished two tubes of this, finding it incredible to use. It has a very balmy texture.

People having dehydrated, disrupted skin barriers should try this one out.

Physiogel Calming lipid Balm

Price: INR 571/-  50 ML

This is specifically for those who have dry and itchy skin. It has a creamy texture which would help absorb better. It will hydrate your kind from the deep end according to Chetali.

Cosrx Comfort Ceramide

Price: INR 1950/-  50GMS

This product contains Ceramide, Centaur Asiatica, which helps calm the skin and is quite soothing on the skin at the same time. With such balmy textures again and great formulation.

Keep in mind, if you have sensitive skin. Watch out for the fragrance.

Re’equil Ceramide Moisturiser

Price: INR 350/-  100GMS

This product is quite affordable, works on normal to dry skin, and is very good winter cream. It’s a formulation of Hyaluronic acid & Ceramides


Clinique 100 H Moisturiser Surge

Price: INR 2950/-   50ML

Chetali loves this product so much that she restocked from her Nykaa sale. It’s an auto replenishing moisturizer. She also had 72 H and did like it but 100 H did just to her skin. In fact it works on every skin. It is a lightweight gel-based formula yet very hydrating. Works really well under makeup as well.

Our lips require care as well so let’s look at some products which would help you smile without any dry stretches.

Best Lip Products In Chetali’s Beauty Arsenal

Vaadi Lip Balm

Price: INR 58/-  10GMS

Recommended by her viewers, very affordable works really well on Chapped lips, dry, dehydrated lips.

It is found in many flavors and fragrances. She loves strawberries because of it’s strong fragrance.

Just Herbs Lip Scrub – Peach

Price: INR 395/-  15 GMS

It’s a lip scrub containing Gotu Kola & Licorice, a beautiful combination yet again. Has a very balmy and thick texture, yet very exfoliating.

Chetali shows the lip scrub doesn’t dry off and breaks like sugar but stays intact and exfoliates well, demonstrating on her hand. And she uses it every week.

Best Cleansing Oil That Chetali Loves

Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Oil

Price: INR 1400/-  150ML

It gets rid of every bit of the makeup you have applied and something fun about this is it will even remove the water-resistant eyeliners and mascaras. Is quite good for massaging your skin for regular blood circulation.

Best Cleansing Balm According To Chetali

Plum E- Luminance Cleansing

Price: INR 545/-  90GMS

A very simple, supple cleansing balm. Its texture is thick, so Chetali suggested taking a good amount of it and warming it under your fingers then applying it while massaging your face. It also helps remove your makeup and check it out.

Once you are done with your skincare routine, we all need sunscreen to step out and enjoy being in the sun without being harmed by the UV rays, now let’s read some sunscreen preferences.

Best Sunscreens In Chetali’s Beauty Arsenal  

Re’equil OMC Free Sunscreen

Price: INR 469/- 50HMS

It is quite suitable for dry and combination skins and has a very tender texture. Its P ratings are quite good. For those who are sensitive to fragrance products, please watch out for this.

L’Oreal UV Perfect Sunscreen

Price: INR 515/-

Super aqua essence, who wouldn’t love such an oceanic feel. Its SPF is 50 and p++++ ratings. It has a very beautiful tinted feel to it, even works under the makeup. Suitable for dry and combination skin types. All these make this product Chetali’s favorite of all time!

Earth Rhythm Mineral

Price: INR 715/- 5GMS

It has UVA and UVB protection and SPF-50. It is perfect for oily, acne-prone skin. As it is fragrance-free you won’t have to worry about your skin being sensitive. Earth Rhythm mineral is a very lightweight product. It won’t grease your skin.

Finally, with a long list of outstanding products, we are left with the last one – Facial Oils.

Best Facial Oil In Chetali’s Beauty Arsenal

Suganda Pure Squalane Oil

Price: INR 150/-  10ML

An amazing product, having Non-comedogenic making it lightweight. If you are looking for good-quality facial oil at an affordable price and can be used in both Winters and Summers, go for it! Chetali suggests using the product at night.

This is the most extensive list of best skin care products according to beauty enthusiast Chetali Chadha. Hope you will find this list useful. Stay tuned because we will bring to you the best of the best in beauty, health, fitness, fashion, home decor, kitchen, and lifestyle.

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