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Looking for some heartwarming and beautiful romance stories? And are you a beginner?  We have a list of the best 14 romance rooks according to Anchal from Libro Review! With easy language yet impactful novels to read.

Anchal – A book enthusiast.

Anchal runs a YouTube channel called Libro Review with 24.7K subscribers. Where she talks about books, recommendations, reviews them. Her immense love for books can be seen in her videos. She wants to spread happiness, positivity, promote hustling, and believe in yourself. 

Through her videos, she wants to inspire, motivate others, even though it is indirect. For example, by sharing the lessons she learned from the books she read. Sharing her outlooks towards the smallest to the biggest elements of life.

In one of her videos, she shares the best 14 romance books according to Anchal from Libro Review. Where she greets the viewers with positive and cheerful vibes.


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Best 14 Romance Books According To Anchal Rani from Libro Review

Eleven Minutes – Best Romance Books On Amazon

Author: Paulo Coelho

Anchal starts her video by introducing the storyline. A woman named Maria, who, since a young age, did not receive much attention from her family. Due to this, she wasn’t able to discover her desires and couldn’t do what she wanted to. As she grew up she decided to get away from her family. But the kind of life she expected, a glamorous or bright one, didn’t come her way. So, when she was going through a hard time, she met a guy, a painter. Who recognized her in ways, which she didn’t.

Anchal continues by saying, how Paulo Coelho’s writing always contains some spiritual or philosophical turn. It shows how Maria tests out different feelings, love, attachments, and desires with different people. All this leads her to discover her true self, what kind of person she wants, and how she deserves to be treated.

According to Achal, it has easy language, making it beginner-friendly. She even shares how this book should be read by 16+ Audiences.

Anchal shares that she read it in one go and recommends it to people who are specifically looking for stories:

 Where a woman is completely lost but finds herself through love. 

The Mahzur – Best Romance Books On Amazon

Author: Dr. Henana Berjes

Anchal calls this a “having a tragedy”. It is the story of two people belonging to different communities, who are rivals. This is about their journey after they fell in love with each other.

Another book with easy language. 

Anchal states how heartbreaking this book is, with unexpected twists and turns. The ending of this book is quite shocking. She goes on to say how she cried for two days and couldn’t let go. A beautifully written book with amazing side characters.

The Confession – Best Romance Books On Amazon

Author: Jessie Burton

Within this story, there are two timelines. In 1982- This is the story of a super young lady, who didn’t know what she wanted. She then met another woman who is the opposite, very ambitious.

The other timeline is 2017- Where a grown woman whose mother is someone who lost her identity. She never met her birth mother and embarks on a journey to look for her. During this, she met the ambitious woman.

Anchal tells us, it is the love story of two women. Also the love story of a young lady finding her mother. Her journey of self-discovery.

If you are looking for a chill story that you can read for a long time, have fun. Anchal recommends you to grab it! Though Anchal feels, there are some elements of toxic relations.

The Zahir – Best Romance Books On Amazon

Author: Paulo Coelho

Best 14 romance books according to Anchal from Libro Review, contains another book by the same author. Anchal tells, this book is about love after marriage. How things are going lovely at the beginning of a relationship. But eventually, we start taking things for granted and they become common. 

This book tells a story of a man, who is a writer. His wife is missing, with no idea where she is, dead or alive. He is trying to look for her but gradually this becomes his obsession. She continues saying- it is about what happens to his obsession, her wife. Since it’s Paulo Coelho, he has made it philosophical and spiritual.

The Zahir

The Zahir

The Lines We Cross – Best Romance Books On Amazon

Author:  Randa Abdel-Fattah

Anchal describes this book as “cute, nice, a little hurtful yet a very beautiful love story.”

This book narrates a love story of two teenagers, belonging to different communities. These two communities vary from each other. And reflected through the kids. They have their own beliefs, due to which they fight a lot. 

Anchal says, if you like stories where haters become lovers gradually, then this story will suit your taste. She calls this book super cheesy and cute.

With Love – Best Romance Books On Amazon

Writing Company: ttt

‘ttt’ stands for Terribly Tiny Tales, a writing company.

 Anchal introduces the book by saying it is a collection of letters. They are not exactly romantic love letters. They are about love from different kinds of relationships and perspectives.

A minimalistic and precise book.  Anchal describes how ttt’s writing style is very simple yet immensely impactful. So if you want a book containing short stories and letters about various kinds of love, it is highly recommended.

The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo – Best Romance Books On Amazon

Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid

This is Anchal’s one of the most favorite books. This novel is about a woman with the biggest ambitions, aspirations, and desires but she never got an environment where she could fulfill them. Evelyn does anything and everything to find it. This story is narrated by a journalist, who dives deep into her story, and finds out why she married seven times, did she find true love. 

Anchal can’t describe this book in a few words, as to how amazing this book is. She loves the character development of Evelyn. The ending broke her heart, sharing how she cried while listening to the Audiobook, 8 in the morning. 

She recommends her viewers to listen to the audiobook for a better experience.

Anchal considers this book one of the best ones, she has read so far.

Music To Flame Lilies – Best Romance Books On Amazon

Author: Megha Rao

The story is about a girl named Noor. She gets a message from her dead best friend, who tells her to come to their native place and save her. Noor goes back to save her, even though surprised by the message. But the village was not what she expected. Unable to understand a thing, she meets a boy called Kalki. Both of them can understand each other. This book goes on about what is the story of their best friend and how was there a message.

This book is perfect for you if you want to read something poetic in a story format.

Anchal finds the writing style gorgeous.

The 40 Rules Of Love – Best Romance Books On Amazon

Author: Elif Shafak

Anchal shares, she had to include it in the list of top 14 romance books. It is one of her favorite books. However, it’s not only about romantic relationships but also about companionship. Rumi and his companion Shams Tabrizi are the centers of this novel, where they meet various people and understand the power of love.

The story starts with Ella, who is given a book she has to read and write a report on. Anchal tells how this book is going to take a lot of time to complete. However, it can be one of the best books you will read in terms of spiritual love.

Sputnik Sweetheart – Best Romance Books On Amazon

Author: Murakami

A love triangle story, narrated by a guy about his best friend. But he is in love with her and she loves someone else. The guy tells about what happens to her love, with who does she end up.

Anchal recommends this book to be read with an extremely open mind, for those people who never read any book by Murakami. Since there might be things you would like, it will make it difficult for you to understand. However,  Ancha points out the beauty of the characters, memorable and in-depth. The writing style is quite attractive.

Silver Lining Playbook – Best Romance Books On Amazon

Author: Matthew Quick

‘Silver Lining Playbook’ is also a movie.

A debut novel by Matthew Quick, tells us about the story of two people, with mental health issues. They meet each other. Despite hating, they heal one another beautifully.

 Anchal liked the complicated plot, as the ending was stunning.

Looking For Alaska – Best Romance Books On Amazon

Author: John Green

‘Looking For Alaska’ is the debut novel of John Green. Anchal recommends to all the youngsters our there. Anchal gives a summary f the novel, Alaska who made a guy completely attracted towards her. Even though she is already with somebody. 

Then one day, Alaska is gone, and this guy is shocked as he is profoundly crazy about her. 

Anchal says, “John Green writes in a beautiful manner. Simple lines, but they will make your heart thud”.

If you want to read a teenage, young, and about a crazy love story, go for it!

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe – Best Romance Books On Amazon

Author: Benjamin Alire Sáenz

The novel is about two normal teenagers- Aristotle and Dante. Both of them are introverts, with different perspectives about the world. When they happen to meet each other, they become friends.

Achal calls the story, one of the most beautiful, she has read so far. Her most favorite love story and she believes no other story can beat such a magnificent novel. 

The simplicity in the love between these two characters is what Anchal wishes to have in her life as well. 

This book even has a sequel – Aristotle and Dante Dive into the Waters of the World. Anchal talked about how she is quite excited about it. Why not check both of them out!

Crazy Rich Asians – Best Romance Books On Amazon

Author: Kevin Kwan

Though this book isn’t Anchal’s type of what she reads, she still liked it. She calls this book a ‘chick flick’ kinda book, where two people are in love. Their families are different from each other. The girl, who is from New York is quite ambitious, her mom pushes her to do everything. In contrast, the guy’s family is Asian and super-rich. They find out he wants to marry this girl, who isn’t rich plus won’t fit in his family.

If you are into the kind of crazy and cheesy love story, then this is it!  The book is amusing at certain points, so you will enjoy it!

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