Lips are considered to be the most sensual feature on the face and lip makeup accentuates that by adding color to your lips which instantly lifts up your features. Women are mostly confused about the lip makeup to add to their beauty arsenal. We at Hoppingo consulted makeup experts and made it easier for you to decide the must-haves in yours and products for lip care.

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Let’s take a look at some lip makeup products recommended by makeup experts.


Lip Primer

What is a lip primer?

Just like the face and eye makeup requires a primer as a base, similarly, Lip primer acts as a base for the lips to make the lip color last longer. It also helps prevent chapping, flaking, and peeling and comes in various formulations like pencils, lipsticks, and crayons for easy application.

How to select the best lip primer?

Makeup artist Mehak tells us that Vaseline coconut oil and ghee can also be used as a quick home fix. However, for a commercial lip primer make sure it’s creamy, hydrating, and moisturizing.

How to apply lip primer?

Exfoliating your lips to remove dead skin is as important as keeping them moisturized to keep them soft and supple. Apply a thin layer of primer on your lips before coloring them.

Is lip primer an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

Yes, a lip primer is an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal as it helps to lock in the color of the lipstick and prevents flaking and peeling.

1.Sugar Cosmetics Lip Primer

2.Swiss Beauty Lip Primer

3.Face Up Lip Primer

4.Gorgy Lip Primer


What is lipstick?

Lipstick is a cosmetic that gives color to your lips. Lipsticks come in different formulations and applications. There are different formulations like matt, shiny, creamy, satin, glossy, and more.

How to select the best lipstick?

There are various factors to consider when selecting a lipstick. The shade of the lipstick is what takes up the most time. The color of your lips plays a very important role in determining the final lip color. This has now become easy as beauty stores sanitize lipsticks and you can apply them directly on your lips for best result and easy decision.

Another factor to consider is your budget. Go for a brand that best fits your pocket.

The third important factor with lipstick selection is the formulation. For example, for all-day wear go for a creamer lipstick as matt lipsticks make the lips dry leading to chipping and an untidy look.

How to apply lipstick?

Applying lipstick is easy. Make sure your lips are hydrated with primer, Apply lipstick directly to primer-ready lips.

Is lipstick an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

Yes, lipstick is definitely a must-have in your beauty arsenal as it can transform the way you like with a mere stroke.

Check best lipstick brands according to experts

1.Just Herbals Ayurvedic Lipstick

2.Maybelline New York Creamy Matt

3.Faces Canada Liquid Matt Lipstick

4.Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

5.Biotique Natural Lipstick

Lip Balm

What is a lip balm?

A lip balm has a waxy texture and is essentially used to moisten dried and cracked or chapped lips. It is often colorless and od0rless. However, they can be slightly tinted, flavored, or medicated. They are great for lip care.

How to select the best lip balm?

There is a wide range of lip balms available in the market. They come in different forms like jars, tubes, and chapsticks. Consider your lifestyle before selecting the formulation, i.e. where will you need to apply- at home or on the move. Where will you store it- on the bathroom counter or in your handbag.

It is also important to consider the formulations of lip balms as they are essentially for moisturizing your lips. Look for ingredients like petroleum or beeswax as they help to seal in moisture.

If you spend a lot of time in the sun, consider using a lip balm with SPF for lip care.

How to apply lip balm?

Apply lip balm several times a day and especially before going to bed. If your lips are very dry and cracked, try a thick formulation, such as white petroleum jelly. Ointment seals in water longer than waxes or oils. Apply the balm gently on your lips giving them a thin coating.

Is lip balm an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

Yes, a lip balm is absolutely essential as it keeps your lips hydrated and soft. It is also most important for lip care.

1.Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm

2.Nivea  Lip Balm Fruity Berry

3.Vaadi Hebals Lip Balm Strawberry and Honey

4.Lotus Herbals Lip Balm

5.Maybelline New York Baby Lips

Lip Pencil

What is a lip pencil?

A lip Pencil is a lip color in the form of a pencil and is generally used to outline your lips. You can also use it to color your entire lip.

How to select the best lip pencil?

The most important factor in selecting the lip pencil is the softness of the tip and easy application.

Always select a Lip pencil shade that is a little darker than your lipstick shade.

How to apply lip pencil?

Use a well-sharpened pencil in a shade that is one or two tones darker than your lipstick. Make sure the tip of your pencil is well moisturized so it glides gently over your lips. Start by drawing a line from the center of your upper lip to the corners. and similarly for your lower lips.

Is lip pencil an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

No, Lip pencil is not an absolute must-have in your beauty arsenal.

1.Swiss Beauty Bold Matt Lip Liner

2.Coloressence Lip Liner Pencil Long Lasting Pigmented Formula

3.Colobar Cosmetics Definer Matt Finish Mini Lip Liner

4.Chambor Velvet Touch Lip Liner Pencil

5.Lakme Absolute Lip Definer


Now let’s take a look at a Lip makeup Tutorial to make your lips irresistible.

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