Winters are a great time to layer up and make a great style statement. North India is freezing at the moment and while most people are enjoying winters like they always do, some people are very worked up about the dry skin. Constant Moisturizing is required and with so many creams available, it’s just gets too difficult to know which one works the best.

As always, we have done this job on your behalf. We went through various beauty blogs for review and tried few creams before declaring the best beauty buy for this winter season

The cetaphil daily advance hydrating lotion is the best when it comes to keeping your skin hydrated for long. We’d recommend you buy a 100 gm pack as the 30 gm pack might be too small. However if you are skeptical and want to sample it before using and embracing this mosituriser, go for the smaller pack.


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Author: Team Hoppingo