Best Minimalist Skincare Products

Meet Arnakshi Patgiri

She is a make-up enthusiast, social media influencer who loves skincare and coffee incredibly. As being someone who loves beauty and fashion, Arnakshi likes to connect with people to share her experience and recommendations on YouTube. She has 51.8K subscribers, and regularly uploads videos on her channel.

In one of her videos, she shares her top 5 best Minimalist skincare products. For those who might not know, Minimalist is a beauty, cosmetic & personal care brand. It is famous for its concept of ‘minimalism’.

Arnakshi has tried almost all the Minimalist products, except a few. And she picks her top 5 favorites out of them, which was a hard choice for her, as she loves almost all the products by Minimalist.

Best Minimalist Skincare Products – PHA 3% + Biotic Toner

Price: INR 399/-

Arnakshi shares how amazing this product is. It is quite hydrating, soothing, and has a chemical exfoliation aspect as well.

She finds the formulation of the toner incredible because she didn’t expect much from the product but the way her skin reacts to it positively and feels good.

Arnakshi’s skin undoubtedly feels super hydrated. She shares how she has texture problems, but PHA 3% + Biotic toner balances her skin texture well. People with dry skin should try it.

You can use it daily, in the day or night skincare routine.

Arnakshi advises her viewers not to use it with actives such as Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C because their skin might react to the combination negatively.


Do you want an elaborated review of this product? And want to know the result of using it after a month, Arnakshi suggests you check this video of hers.

Best Minimalist Skincare Products – Lactic Acid 10% + HA 1%

Price: INR 699/-

This product is extremely helpful if you have a bumpy texture on your skin. Arnakshi uses it for a week whenever she has a bumpy texture on her skin.

It even shows good results immediately after use. That is why she loves this product and includes it on the list of the top 5 best Minimalist skincare products. She states, the use of normal Lactic acid, didn’t work out for her.

Since this product is a mild chemical exfoliator, try to use it thrice or twice a week only. Arnakshi advised to not use vitamin C, retinol, PHA, salicylic acid whenever using Lactic acid. It can cause irritation and redness to your skin.

Best Minimalist Skincare Products – Squalane Oil 100%

Price: INR 695/-

Arnakshi loves Squalane oil 100% for a variety of reasons. She calls this an all-rounder.


  • It acts as an effective hydrating facial oil.
  • You can mix one or two drops of this in your foundation or primer while doing makeup. Mixing it with moisturizer, body lotion is quite beneficial as well.
  • You can use this for scalp and body massage.

Even if you have oily skin, she suggests you buy and just try it. This doesn’t feel oily or heavy on the skin and works promisingly well. Instead of buying the ordinary squalane oil, go for this one!

If you are interested in a detailed review check out her video.

Best Minimalist Skincare Products – Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA 1%

Price: INR 549/-

The reason why Arnakshi loves Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA 1% is because it helps with the pigmentation on her skin. She faces two problems when it comes to her skin is pigmentation and texture imbalance.

To treat them, she relies on this product. When you start using this product, it takes time for your skin to adapt, and when it does the results you get are pretty immediate and consistent.

It will even help you lighten the acne marks.

Arnakshi shares, if you have a pigmentation that doesn’t go away easily, pair it with vitamin C for profound effectiveness.

She loves this product and recommends her viewers to try it for a hydrated and even-toned look on their faces.

Want a detailed and honest review plus a proper guide on how to use it check out her video!

Best Minimalist Skincare Products – Vitamin C 10% + AG 1%

Price: INR 699/-

Arnakshi starts by telling how the Vitamin C 10% + AG 1% is a product that doesn’t show results so soon. However, once you start applying it, you will start seeing results.

She likes it for its mildness and the formulation is quite stable. Those with sensitive skin, who think they might not want to try Vitamin C, should reconsider as this product isn’t reactive. Arnakshi finds recommending this product to others very comfortable. This product is worth your patience because it would not affect your skin badly in the end.

She has noticed, many Vitamin C products with fragrances react to the skin and irritate it very much. After she had used Vitamin C 10% + AG 1%, she even tried vitamin C products from different brands, but again it didn’t work as well as this product does.

A fragrance-free product, which makes it a very good option for people with sensitive skin to use.

Again, the combination of Alpha Arbutin and Vitamin C is highly recommended by Arnakshi. If you are using Vitamin C, then don’t use the PHA toner. She recommends you to not use so many products on your face while using vitamin C because they might react to your skin.

She suggests her viewers check out her video for a precise review.

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