Men’s T-Shirts Under 500

Is there anything more versatile than a T-shirt? It has been said that a man always looks his best in jeans and a t-shirt. So on that note, shall we get serious about tees? We are talking about affordable Men’s T-Shirts Under 500. These t-shirts would not dig a hole in your pocket. It’ll rather make you look uber stylish.

A garment that started off as strictly inner-wear, developed into work-wear and is now a definitive wardrobe essential. You would be hard pushed to find a man who has never owned a T-shirt.

This 100 plus year-old basic is also the only piece of clothing that can be worn for any occasion — under a shirt, with a suit, to the gym, to the beach and even to bed. Our curators looked through Amazon to find you 10 t-shirts under 500. Now you could buy or gift these.

Finding the right color, style, design that suits your physique is very important.

So, why not get an ever versatile T-shirt for your guy? Here are 10 funky ones you can get for Rs. 500 or less:


A T-shirt is an easy, affordable and effective way of experimenting with colour. Reds, pinks, greens – if there’s a shade you’ve been lusting over, try it on a T-shirt. Buying an affordable t-shirt means that you don’t have to wait before you get bored and buy another one.

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Author: Team Hoppingo