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K95 masks are the finest in the K-90 to K-99 range. If you want to purchase a K95 mask in India, you should shop on sites like Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdeal. Most of the websites typically offer free home delivery and delivery to your home within three to four days. If you’re expecting air pollution and need a protective mask, the K95 mask is crucial for you. These masks became popular during the pandemic.

Let us help you with some background and information about protective masks before sharing the best K95 masks available online.

How K-Range Masks Work

Many types of filters are accessible for the K90, K95, and K-99 models. Filters for such masks include four major active carbon blades with a layer of aluminum hydroxide and KDF material that fights viral infection, bacteria, bad odor, and metal nanoparticles.

Three valves are present in the K95 Mask for large particles, tiny particles, and N99 standard particles, which provide the best filtration capability. K95 mask is ready to use right out of the box. It includes an elastomeric harness that provides a good fit while wearing a face mask. K95 Mask was created with worker safety in mind when developing it.

K95 mask was designed for industrial safety. K95 masks are made of three materials: Polymer, Silicone, and Silicon Oil. Once the K95 Mask is ready to wear out of the box, it does not need any additional filters or cartridges. K95 Mask is easy to use and can provide your face with the right filtration protection you need.

Different Types Of Mask In K-Range

K-90 – Comes in black, clear, blue, green, yellow models. A lower-end model for home protection.

K-99 -Comes in black only. A higher-end model for commercial or industrial use with better filtration capabilities.

K-100 – Comes in black only with different types of filtration capabilities than K-90 and K-99 models. More efficient at filtering out particles while not clogging up very often compared to other types of masks like N-95 mask (not an N series) or R-100 mask (not an R series).

K95 – Comes in black only. A higher-end model for commercial or industrial use with better filtration capabilities than K-90, K-99, and K-100 models.

K-1000 – Comes in clear only. Highest level of filtration abilities among all the types of industrial masks. It protects against subatomic particles with ease while not being too difficult to breathe through. Not clogging is very important for this type of mask because it prevents any slowdown during the production process if one were wearing a mask that would constantly clog upon them due to dirtiness with the environment they are working in.

What variants does the K95 have?

K95 has different types of variants, namely K95 N-2B, K95 R-P3A, and K95 TC-7V.

The differences between these masks are the color scheme and facepiece style. The color schemes include clear blue, opaque blue, clear purple, and transparent yellow.

How to select a mask?

If you’re looking for a mask that is going to provide you with the most filtration capabilities based on how dirty your environment might be or what type of particles you need protection from then one would need to look at either purchasing a K100 mask, a K1000 mask, or a standard N99 Mask.

While choosing a mask keep environment and usage in mind.

Environment plays a huge role in deciding which mask you should choose. You should bear in mind how dirty your environment might be or what type of particles you need protection from.

Usage is also pivotal. Duration of use is a critical factor as well.

Best K95 Mask For Protection Against Covid

Featuring Amazon Choice and Best Seller K95 Mask. These masks are highly rated by customers. It’s safe to say that these are the best K95 masks that can protect you against the virus and even air pollution.

Stylish Face Mask

Mask has also become a style statement and there are many designer mask options available as well. While they may not give you the protection a K95 mask is able to provide but they definitely lower the risk of bacteria or virus entering your system through the nose or mouth.


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Face Mask Accessories

As face masks got popular, a lot of accessories became very popular. Face mask case, mask chain, bags, and much more.

Mask Bag

Mask Chain

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