The hair bun, long thought of as something only bhabhiji resorts to has become an international phenomenon with multitudes of avatars that couldn’t be more fashionable. While some avatars of the bun like the French twist are classic and evergreen, others like the messy bun have been dug out and embraced as fashion steps out of its neat comfort zone and embraces and even worships a little bit of mess. So what is your favorite style of hair bun?

1. The Half up bun – Half your tresses flowing down while the other half tucked neatly into a bun. This is the favorite of all the relaxed, cool celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Mary Kate Olsen. We started with this one because it is our personal favorite! It not only catches the eye but is also super simple to make and stays put without applying too much product.

2. The slicked back, elegant bun with not a single strand out of place is another celebrity favorite. This bun, also known as the ballerina bun shows off your lovely face and is a favorite of contouring aficionado Kim Kardashian. You can even add some sparkle to your bun with gorgeous hair accessories.

3. The topknot is favored on the fashion runways. The edgy and daring look is for women who don’t mind all the attention. With loads of variations available like braided top buns and the adorable topknot bow, this is one style you can have a lot of fun with. Just ask Holly Golightly! Do up your topknot with a tiara just like her.

4. The messy bun has been saving women time and energy ever since it got famous. Especially perfect for those with wavy or curly hair, the messy bun can cut the time taken to do up your coiffure in half! What’s not to love!A headband or a turban goes perfectly with this bun.

5. The classic French twist has always been a favorite not only because it looks so chic but also because it looks effortlessly chic! With all that hair out of your face, this is the perfect style for those who want understated elegance. But no matter what era we live in, this is one style that will never get stale. So it’s a good idea to master it with a neat little French twist kit.

6. The sock bun is an ingenious little big bun that is quick, cost-effective and stays in its place for the longest time. If you like a bun that’s big and bold and takes minutes to make, then watch the sock bun tutorials and get on the sock bun bandwagon. For all the accessories you may need for your hair bun, get the entire set and you’ll be able to pull off any style.

With a working knowledge of all the kinds of buns available, you’re now free to experiment and explore and determine what is going to be your signature bun. If you already have a signature bun, then snap up some pretty accessories to go with it.

Author: Team Hoppingo