Diwali is around the corner and everyone is scurrying to pretty up their places. When we think of Diwali Decor, Lamps, Lights, Diyas, Flowers come to mind. But wait, here are some simple additions that require a little ingenuity and will instantly spruce up your home without costing a bomb.

1. Seating is like jewellery for your home. Going bold with this ottoman will allow you to add interest and originality without being overpowering.

2. There are always some cushions strewn around in our homes. Replace your old cushion covers with some pretty ones to bring in some holiday cheer. Also adds some ethnic touch to your room.

3. Vintage trunks are wonderful pieces that serve both as storage and decorative items. Make them the focal point of your room by placing it in the centre as a coffee table.

4. Create an impressive centre piece for your dining table with an antique bronze candle holder. The reflected light will accentuate your surroundings and cast everything in its glow

5. Create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining this Diwali by transform your balcony with these lamps.

6. A gesture of sophisticated style, tasteful Bar Furniture helps accent your dining space while keeping all that is important, together.

7. Invite serenity in to your home by placing a Buddha statue in your home. This resting budha provides instant calm to any place.

8. Curtains make or break a room, and what better way to cheer up and brighten up a room than with a set of sunshine yellow curtains.

Spruce up your home for Diwali!
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